Factor Hair

Your chance for strong, healthy, full hair!

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Pack the problem at the root and fight hair loss where it starts: No side effects!

With Factor Hair, your hair is stimulated to grow again, completely without hormones.

Factor Hair is cool!

The success of Factor Hair has a price. We pass this new price on to you.

Full hair you should afford.

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Factor Hair Activator 100% consists of natural ingredients and is therefore free of undesirable side effects.

The unique molecule MKMS24 effectively prevents new hair loss and promotes new growth to replenish bald and light areas You too can radiate youthful shine and regain your original hair fullness with Factor Hair.

Factor Hair Activator 3 in 1

Factor Hair Activator is the first clinically proven product that effectively stops hair loss.

Its unique formula stimulates hair growth directly at the root.

  • Already after 8-12 weeks noticeably more volume
  • 100% natural active ingredients
  • Free of harmful ingredients, such as hormones, parabens and silicones
  • Success rate of more than 93%
  • Effectiveness proven by clinical studies
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Factor Hair Premium hair restorer stops hair loss

We all wish for strong, full and healthy hair, this applies to Womenas well as for Men.

Beautiful, healthy hair makes a significant contribution to our attractiveness and strengthens our self-confidence.

Stop dreaming about beautiful, healthy hair. With Factor Hair Activator Pack the problem at the root and activate new hair growth with a success rate of over 93%.

Benefit from our unique formula, whose effectiveness has been proven by clinical studies. Get thicker, healthier and stronger hair than you ever thought possible.


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