3 tips against hair loss in summer

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Hair loss in summer

And 3 tips what to do against hair loss in summer

If you've noticed extra tufts of hair falling out during the summer, you're not alone. Experts claim that during the last hot months of the year the Hair fall out more often - but this is nothing to worry about. It is not due to premature balding, but the natural cycle of the body.

Many of us will find that we lose more hair than usual during the (usually) warmer summer period. Summery Hair Loss or "seasonal Hair Loss" is, in fact, both in men and in Women and may be due to a mixture of internal and external factors. Most people will assume that with the increasing heat, summer hair loss would occur naturally as our body finds a way to keep us cooler when such effective insulation is no longer needed. And according to scientific studies in Scandinavia, this is true.

According to the Swedish researchers, who observed hair loss in 800 women over 6 years of age, there is a greater proportion of dormant follicles during the summer months. Dormant follicles lose their hair in preparation for regrowth, which means that it may indeed be that the greatest amount of hair loss occurs in the autumn.

Why do the follicles remain dormant longer in summer?

The first reason is sun exposure, which causes your body to produce less melatonin, which affects the hormone levels in your scalp. It effectively signals the hair follicles to perform their natural moulting phase over a longer period than usual. The other important factor is the effect of testosterone, whose levels are usually higher in spring and fall. Although testosterone is often considered a male hormone, it occurs in both men and women and is known to trigger hair loss in summer. We will all therefore experience a certain amount of hair loss, which, it is worth mentioning, may not fully appear until the early autumn months and therefore may easily be associated with another type of hair loss such as alopecia areata or Tellogenic Effluvium can be confused.

Beyond the hair loss in summer:

What if your hair loss is more than just seasonal?

Summer hair loss or seasonal hair loss should not be a cause for concern; everyone's hair growth and hair loss fluctuates throughout the year. However, if you notice that in certain areas of the scalp, such as the crown or temples, there is a more even, more severe hair loss, it may be a broader problem of hair loss. The male pattern balding begins with recurrent hair loss in the parting area and at the temples, and the person will notice that no regrowth occurs, even if the hair loss is slow. With the female pattern of baldness the hair loss is initially rather diffuse, with possibly larger bald patches in the area of the temples and vertex. If you feel that your hair loss is a little more than that, you should consult a professional as there are a number of ways to protect hair growth or restore lost hair.

3 tips for hair loss in summer

Fortunately, there are some treatments that you can try to encourage your follicles to wake up and grow new hair. You don't need to do anything complicated to take care of your hair - even in harsh summer conditions where it has to cope with salty or chlorinated water, strong sunlight and the drying effects of sun and wind.

Hair masks or scalp massage with warm oil

Applying a warm (not hot) oil to the scalp and massaging the hair roots once a week can be a much needed impulse for summer hair loss. By stimulating the hair follicles, natural regrowth is promoted, not to mention the care of existing hair after periods of heat, styling or salty seawater.

We recommend Coconut oilbecause it is completely clean, natural and pleasantly scented. It is also suitable for all hair types. For the perfect oil treatment, follow these simple steps:

  • Comb your hair to remove tangles - you don't want them to get tangled!
  • Warm the oil so that it can be applied easily. Either place a bowl of the oil in a larger bowl of hot water or put it in the microwave for a few seconds (stir well to avoid scalding). The oil must be pleasantly warm so that it can penetrate the hair and follicles.
  • Apply the oil to your hair. Massage gently into the scalp and along the hair shaft. Be gentle to protect the sensitive skin of the scalp.
  • Wrap your hair in a hot, damp towel so that the oil can really penetrate the scalp. Leave it to work for about an hour and then wash it gently with lukewarm water to close your pores again.

Try to avoid heating your hair immediately after the treatment (yes, that means no blow-drying!) and try to tie your hair back together again.

Wear protection against summer hair loss

The most stylish and traditional way to protect your head is to wear a Sun hats or scarvesbut not everyone likes to do this. There is now a huge range of hair protection products available to combat brittleness, dryness and damage caused by sun, sea and outdoor tourist attractions. Brazilian women, for whom beach life is part of everyday life, are fans of using protective hair oil for every moment of exposure, which ensures that their hair remains well cared for and supple and is completely free of hair loss in the summer.

UV protection for the hair

In summer, not only the skin should be protected from the sun, but also...

In summer, not only the skin should be protected from the sun. If you want to have long, healthy hair, you need UV protection ... hello my dears i was here but there is more about hail and figures but besides hair care i also like to do body care totally by myself so i show you today we can easily do a peeling by yourself can be just cheap if you buy it expensive he can be a homemade so good for that you only need a handful of ingredients all in the normal supermarket and then you can also change it as you like and on stairs first by deciding what they wanted to use for playing either the globes forest grains or perhaps the finer sugar would be very fine would like for example for the face can also use coffee powder i personally like to take sugar this is for me somehow most pleasant also for the combi tours runs in addition the people of the lemon supports still the mechanical feeling effect then i take honey the I like in my skin care of the likes and also for the skin of the world fly as a vegan you can of course just leave it out the last ingredient and for me simply the all rounder in things homemade care is for my peeling I like oils that solid at room temperature and that the oil here that just affects the texture of the peeling a little bit of course it is also suitable for coconut oil I think the best known body care oils in the world but did not notice oil but wants to buy oil just grab a kitchen cabinet and take normal olive oil for skin care I can additionally recommend manually I also like that very much in addition, I add a fragrance but it is of course optional depending on what you prefer on pet food is also great for the peeling itself and lie at room temperature firm as it likes just like it no matter which brand i just had just this this clause as something right now is the processes and does exactly the juice the amount of peelings actually mostly results from the amount of lemon juice by pressing half a lemon and for the remaining ingredients then correspondingly on for that there is a large amount of how to keep in the fridge but dubai different from an employed clone now i take the oil more precisely the fatty oils therefore a spoon of demba ba will and the one for butter if you wanted to take coconut oil also take the painful carefully either in the water bath or in the microwave you have to be careful picture i only lower the level for a few seconds rhine is then changed over and repeats the procedure as long as it is liquid enough and because i just like and how much i like myself for a great care effect now add it again take it olive oil just put it in a bowl without warming it all up and add the titles said how you might give the markets from me no exact quantities i have these planned ingredients and which will always make me feel like together with the honey here shouldn't be too much beside it becomes important but apart from that the amount remains completely overloaded just try it on and look at your skin after the peeling feels takes the many liquid ingredients must be in the end just accordingly with even nature so that the consistency fits but before the comes into play is first of all properly led ducati me on so long is pulled out it can't be so liquid is no longer rather viscous to lumpy were the amount I have provided here but is far from enough so I put on again and would continue to be strong with it no lumps remain even alone could be applied only with difficulty it would simply be announced and experienced need a liquid ingredient to make such a paste which you can then later very easily on the skin a life can still be the characters are liquid changes but later again by the oils I have used when you have been applied for feel slightly king so that you later also a peeling effect to finish the day curl scent if now but for example the coconut oil used is also so likes you can save yourself because the he of course the whole in a missing I like very much glass vessels that can be cooked because you can also still improve the shelf life but you can also accept everything who have left then it is now an old coconut oil so then in front of you for as much as possible without spilling or so energy equal to everything in the whole in which I wanted to save later on for me should then be a lockable container just be better times and store it like this in the shower can take in the shower in the cover on it and done no I can whole now of course directly into the shower or do I want to put it in the fridge he is in the active in the fridge a little longer and show the consistency again others the charcoal from the whole will fall but then tastes between the fingers again relatively quickly on the subject of shelf life you could of course just make a good amount and I thought again and again small quantities for daily needs then can fill the largest data in a refrigerator you remember before was the whole still liquid you want quite a lot of time if i tend to take care of it on the container and i use i never just lather a shower and then take a little of the pills and distribute on the appropriate skin areas in a toilet effect on the joints so for example knees and elbows to finish still block and soft supple skin was that was my little excursion to the topic of homemade skin care next time of course again as usual everything about hair until then a lot of fun hello now it is summer and I hope you can all well with light protection factor a so that our skin doesn't take so much damage but what about our hair if you have seen my wedding photo on facebook then you will have seen my hair was on the wedding day so directly second day where i arrived on the maldives totally bright red and within three days my hair was orange even a little bit lighter than now because i just cut off the light tips the sun can suck color pigment out of my hair within a few days it would be even more blatant if salt water came into play that means who is in holiday riding and dyed hair he has to be aware of the color you get rid of very quickly to sun and salt water but what is even worse now is that the structure is damaged at my hair length it is not bad if the structure is a little bit of history it might even be of advantage then they stand off better tousled but what about the women who care for their hair and want to have it nice and long you should definitely use products in the summer that are something like a sun cream for the skin of course only without cream because we can not with poppy walking around i went to dm and rossmann and thought i'd have a look at what's there and was disappointed because the spectrum of hair care products with uv protection was very small which was immediately recommended to me by the woman who gave it to her is here this spray there is direct protection spray on it there you have to but the pecking run off what else there is on the shelves there is nothing where something like that is written on it and this is direct also a care series there is there is the after sun shampoo with integrated rinse have i have not yet tested it i can imagine that it is very nourishing and there is an after sun chur they have actually thought about it and for a small amount of money they have provided a care series that protects directly from the sun this is then quite a lot of products after the sun this is probably clear as for example this after sun shampoo adorns from councils but as I said a sunscreen for before i have found little that they take off still discovered by rossmann when i am really up and down the shelves there was next to the sun cream this hair protection spray i have when trying this one feels very neutral but good and that of valea because of the feeling that is so a little bit a little bit happier is also something more care in it I do not know if I did that but now I let this dry that does not look at all now papic who wants to keep a nice structure over the summer should definitely protect the hair from the sun this is of course also possible if you wear a hat or a cloth or you dumble your hair together and then wear a cloth over it or or or or so please remember sun can cause great damage to the hair that the colour has been sucked out is one thing but that is then also structural damage is there it is obvious whether you can now cope with heat protection sprays as you know them from experience I don't know because these sprays are supposed to do that only protect from excessive heat and every fan it hotter than the sunlight can ever be from therefore I think it is not yet sufficient but important is the uv protection let's see what else will happen in the next time from l'oreal there was then also 1 there was uv-protection on it but now not titled light protection factor i don't know if this can be done on hair my please is it for sure somewhere on the internet there are still products that are not so close to normal business please write below in the comment box for the women who are interested in what you have had good experience how do you protect your hair from sunlight i know there are girls they are very fond of it the jump in salt water lie down the sun salt water sun salt water sun salt water sun so that the hairs are nicely separated but remember at some point is what looks nice here as a trainer in langenhahn some point then point and that gives then possibly split so and what you can do to avoid sprit I'll show you then in the movie tomorrow on the other channel until then always protect nice

When styling your hair, make sure that it does not scratch back to a tight knot. If you put pressure on the follicles, you are more likely to let your hair loose. Summer is the time when you let your hair loose or gently twist it into a messy bun or a low ponytail. But not too tight, because of the Traction alopecia - hair loss due to pulling!

Nutrition and fluid intake

The right diet and plenty of fluids against hair loss in summer
The right diet and plenty of fluids against hair loss in summer

At the Wimpole Clinic, we often warn our clients about the dangers of insufficient nutrition for hair growth. Your hair needs nourishment to grow, and since hair growth is an optional extra from the point of view of your body, deficiencies in your hair often show up long before the rest of your body shows any symptoms.

Hair loss in the summer can be equally affected by a lack of adequate hydration (it's harder to keep up with hair loss in the summer) and less attention to a balanced daily meal full of the nutrients we need to keep us moving in outdoor weather. Many people feel that with the hotter weather comes the Food of round meals is less palatable, however, nibbling instead of nourishing can have serious hair loss implications, especially if your hair is already dry due to the hot weather. If you prefer to eat smaller meals in the summer, that's fine - just keep an eye on the big picture to ensure adequate nutrition. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, provide yourself with plenty of fresh water, and limit alcohol and caffeine at barbecues, evening cocktails, and holiday snacks.

Many more information to counteract hair loss, stop hair loss and let the hair grow back, you will find in our Blogs about hair loss for men and women with lots of information about hair loss and hair restoration for people who suffer from persistent hair loss. We have focused on the natural therapy of hair loss with Factor Hair Activator specializes and can also provide informal advice on non-invasive hair loss solutions such as lotions and medications. We offer all our new customers a completely free and non-binding consultation on hair loss with our leading hair specialist. Contact us now to find out more.

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