Five tips: Avoid irritated scalp

Pay attention to these things and thereby avoid an irritated scalp.

Many people suffer from irritated scalp, which is often reddened and flaky due to dryness. This area of our body is a sensitive zone with different characteristics, and this must be treated separately.

We will see how we can prevent irritated scalp by taking maximum care of it to prevent it from becoming dry and struggling with these problems.

The health of the scalp is also directly related to the health of our hair, because when the scalp is damaged, the hair root is damaged, so it is important to care for it daily.


The condition of the skin is totally linked to our diet, so the first thing we have to do is treat this important part. A balanced diet should include fruits and vegetables with their antioxidants and healthy fats that give the skin health. Salmon is highly recommended for dry skin and for those who have dermatitis problems because its essential fatty acids help to keep the skin in good condition. Foods that help the inflammatory process, such as simple sugars, should be avoided as they would support this irritation.

Careful with shampoo

The shampoo we use every day can help our scalp to get in a worse condition, as it can irritate it even more. It is important to use a mild, gentle shampoo developed for atopic skin, as it relieves this irritation on the scalp. We can always alternate with other shampoos that we use. In any case, we should try those with natural ingredients, as they are better for the skin.

Apply soothing masks

For the scalp area you will also find soothing masks that care for the skin. A mask made of amla, a plant with calming properties, might be a good idea. It is applied to the skin like a kind of mud, and you let it rest for at least half an hour to remove it later with warm water. You can also use other masks with ingredients like Aloe Vera, which has always soothed irritated skin and its properties help us to regenerate the skin of the scalp.

Use natural oils

In order to hydrate the scalp area and avoid the dehydration we sometimes experience with irritation, we can also use natural oils. Coconut-, Olives- or Jojoba oil are perfect to improve this area of our body and thus prevent the scalp from being irritated. You can use these oils to massage the scalp and at the same time moisturize and activate the circulation. They are oils that help irritated skin to regain its elasticity and also its moisture.

Avoid the sun

During the Summer the scalp can become red or irritated because the sun shines directly on it. This occurs especially with fine hair, so we should watch out for the sun. Just Hats or using umbrellas when we go to sunny places is a great idea. In this zone we cannot use sunscreen directly, because we would contaminate all the hair, so it is important to always wear a hat or Scarf to cover the head area and protect yourself from the sun. In this way we avoid sunburn on the scalp, dandruff and the typical summer blush.

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