6 tips for hair care for hair loss

Hair loss? Here are a few tips for hair care.

A good hair care can use the Hair Loss not stop hair loss, but it can help prevent it from increasing unnecessarily and thus contribute to the preservation of hair. The following tips can help prevent more severe hair loss:

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  • Use a shampoo with a skin-neutral PH value (5.5), which is matched to the skin type. In my opinion, it is not necessary to resort to expensive agents here. Perfumes and other additives have no place in an optimally tolerated shampoo.
  • Use a small amount of shampoo and rub it into the scalp with light movements. Unnecessary amounts of shampoo can put a lot of stress on the scalp. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly!
  • It is best to simply let the hair dry after showering. If this is not possible, the hair can also be dried with a towel: Carefully start at the front and gently push it back. Under no circumstances should you rub your hair dry with a towel! This can cause many hairs to fall out and destroy the structure of the hair. Blow dry only at moderate temperatures, preferring cool and a little longer than hot and short. Of course, keep the hair dryer at a sufficient distance from your head.
  • Frequent hair washing is not a problem as long as a mild shampoo is used and the hair is carefully washed and dried. Regular hair washing removes sebum and dirt from the scalp, which helps to improve circulation.
  • For combing your hair, it is best to use a coarse brush with rounded tips. The use of metal brushes is not recommended. Plastic or wooden brushes work just as well and are usually better tolerated by the scalp.
  • The Tensioning the hair, e.g. by wearing braids, and pulling the hair should generally be avoided.

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