6 tips for hair care for hair loss

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Hair loss? Here are a few tips for hair care.

A good hair care can use the Hair Loss not stop hair loss, but it can help prevent it from increasing unnecessarily and thus contribute to the preservation of hair. The following tips can help prevent more severe hair loss:

Get healthy hair - tips, you should know this

What are the different types of hair? And what is important... ▼

What are the different hair types? And what is important for healthy hair growth?

10 hair care tips that know every girl
should be beautiful thick and
shiny hair is the heart's desire
by almost every woman and it doesn't matter if
you have naturally perfect or
not the most important is the care
of a hair so that this is important and
silky can be sunny side has a
ultimate hair care galt for you
compiled number 10 wash
the most important first we start with
the simplest thing the hair washing
before you go to the bathroom brush
then haase that when it dries
not tangled begin the
hair washing by first shampooing on
of your palms and then press
your wet hair pass the shampoo
gently planting the roots by
moved from your ears to the back of your head
this helps a blood to the pulli kell
flow and offers
hair growth rinse is then with warm
water wash out your hair if needed
again dont forget hair rinse too
and wash your hair first with
then warm with cold water from after
after washing dry your hair with a
warm towel in which you can
roots moved to the tips
the next step is the blow dry
begin here on site with the application
from special products on your hair parts
place your hair in several section
the six inches away from your head place.
by signing up for additional volume
moving from the roots to the tips
it's better with the back of the
head and sides to start have the
section slightly at the roots
unsightly them through downward leading
move when you're done move
you to the middle h section will
not too crazy with a hair dryer use
not more than once or twice a
week the daily leading hair can
let them dry out and break
can give your hair a break in summer
from the excessive heat eight parts
now we make a small and
fun test okay we put the
some questions surround the some
choices around your hair type
to find out
we start question one how often grows
you do your hair every two to three days
who every day see once a week the
every two to four days
question 2 how fast will your
hair roots oily after two days w am
evening at the end of the week d after two to
three days
question 3 in what condition are
your hair ducks normal b barely
split c dry and brittle de
dry and split
question 4 how is your hair
it's normal bs has volume after the
cs has excessive volume the served
might become loose
question 5 as well for your hair static
a sometimes goes very rarely so often and
that's only done at the ends now when you're
mainly answers you have chosen
then congratulations your hair is normal
this is the room in starship and you
you're lucky because all you have to do
is wash your hair and protect from the sun
and you won't have any hair
have problems if you mainly
answer then
unanimously this happens mostly by
that your suitcases and also necessary
Sync and corrections by n17t01
people with this skin type should use the
touching the haas and oil massages
avoid because this can change the situation
what for your hair also not with hot
water because it stimulates the
oil production even more if you
mainly chose to answer
then the hair is from drying type
again, that's because his
scalp is very dry
in this case it is advisable from time to time to
time to perform a hot oil massage
and avoid the daily shampoo
because this makes your hair even
drier if you mainly de
then you have a
combination types
that means your hair on the
scalp is oily and sometimes dry
at the tips avoid this for your
hair in hot temperatures
this just pushes the ends of your hair
more out and leaves your hair roots only
produce even more oil
seven curling iron first once should
you always focus on your hair type
left when you set the temperature of a
curling iron selects do not forget up to
170 degrees is a good temperature for
thin hair 170 to 200 degrees is suitable
for normal hair and 200 to 230 degrees
is better for thick hair
next follows the shape cylinder
curling irons give her more curls
than weird curling irons so you can get more
natural waves you get another
important aspect is the time of the
hair curls if you do it for five seconds
through prince your hair hardly logs
seven seconds is advisable if you
pretty wavy hair wishes and ten
seconds for natural looking beach
babes remember three important
things curl never wet hair forget
not a curling iron after each
use to clean and use it
not six flat irons every day
even the best temperature is in
connection with your hair type up to
170 degrees also for thin hair and from
170 to 230 for thick hair
we should also not
different types of cloud so
forgotten ceramic simply conducts through
the hair and is quite resistant to
frequent use tourmaline is suitable
best for thick curly hair and
prevents static charge and titanium
is for professional hair styling
the use of velcro iron is also
quite easy
first thing you do is wear heat goggles
on your hair and let it dry
start your hair from the sides and on the
back head flap move your dress
iron from the roots to the ends
when you're with the sides and in the back of your mind...
you're done then the section in
the middle when you're done with everything
then brush through then hold the
straightener no more than two to three
seconds in one place it uses
not more than once a week
and just as with the curling iron some
we start with avocado oil it offers
countless advantages but most important
it is achieved cares and hydra visions
your hair
here is the quick tip to use
with five tablespoons of avocado oil with three
heat up to five tablespoons of coconut oil
the mix and often wear it a hair
leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes
and wash it out and then
thank you for this
Next comes the argan oil he
moisturizes nourishes and possesses
a regenerating effect on the
you can use it in its pure form or with
other oils associations in place of a
hair rinse coconut oil is also a
good treatment for your hair
this helps damaged in hair its
regain natural vitality
the best way of using is as h
massage or even simpler
just put a few drops of the oil in your
shampoo jojoba oil nourishes enriches and
protects a hair
it is perfect for h massages
just put a few drops on your
finger and spread the oil on your h4
h mask was masts are equally important
for that have everything else
they help your harald get this
what it takes to get healthier
and we have some recipes for
different hair types for you hear
exactly to start we with the faithful
care mask for normal hair
you need two tablespoons of slices
root two tablespoons olive oil ten
drops of vitamin a and 10 drops of vitamin
e heat the mix and michaels
carefully and thoroughly ask is then
for an hour on your hair on this
mask makes your hair shiny we have
also something for weak hair
it's a restorative mask that
ingredients are one teaspoon
castor oil 1 tablespoon honey and a
teaspoon alu her juice must all
ingredients and apply the mask about one
half hour before washing the hair on
your hair on chairs it then looks good
this mask makes a gentleman whole and
provides all the necessary vitamins think
not that cheap h have forgotten it
also gives an effective mask for
this has the ingredient list consists of
two tablespoons dry mustard four
tablespoon warm water three tablespoons do
black or green a tablespoon of honey
and a tablespoon of lemon juice mix
just put all the ingredients together and
apply the mask on your face for 30 to 40 minutes
hair on this mask lets a hair
fresh look and offers volume and
a healthy glow
three nutrition because eating has a
enormous effect on the condition of a
hair a balanced diet rich
of vitamins and minerals is
essential for perfect hair
here is a list of vitamins that
are not only important for your hair
but also for your health and
we start with vitamin c it improves
the blood circulation in the scalp and
stimulates hair growth when you need more
you want to consume vitamin c then se
citrus kiwi sea buckthorn
currants and rose hips omega-3
is great because it slows down
aging process and keeps the
immune system strong you will find this in
fish seafood flaxseed oil avocado
and walnuts vitamin a stimulates the
cell regeneration and slows down the
aging liver cottage cheese eggs
carrots pumpkin are the best products
rich in vitamin a zinc and selenium
then protect system from dangerous
environmental effects now that's helpful or
if you agree then eat him in meat
dry bread milk and seafood
vitamin f puts your hair roots and
protects them from dangerous
uv rays eat more nuts seeds eggs
green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils for
more vitamin e and last but not least
vitamin b what hair growth
stimulates and gives a hair shine and
gives elasticity
the best sources of vitamin d are
cereals nuts bran and eggs 2
hair color person with light hair hears
fit for
first of all not every house is good for
you guys say yes to for herself olive jojoba
avocado and coconut oil and no to ic
nut oil dandies darkens the
beautiful color of your haas plays
your town it with water and some
lemon juice to maintain the color
the beauty with dark hair should
use olive oil or apricot kernel oil
to maintain the color and
essential oils like citrus around the
hair shiny and redheaded
guys by the way we all envy you
should be best olives or apricots
campell use around the hair color
and climb around the
hair what to do
here you have s 1 seasons
temperature differences can make your hair
so here are some ways around that
prevent and the weather changes
something more pleasant for your hair to
in the cold seasons it is
important to protect your hair
the first and most important thing you should do
wear a cap during the cold
time it is also better empathize
low temperatures to use
care your hair during this time with
masks serums oils and vitamins warms
seasons are not much different
you should still wear a cap and
sun protection products wear so that a
possible damage due to uv sun ray
the situation is prevented with
the hair dryer in this period is different
better take a break during
hot summer days you have some tips
how to make the hair look perfect
share your opinion in the comments
give us a thumbs up and
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  • Use a shampoo with a skin-neutral PH value (5.5), which is matched to the skin type. In my opinion, it is not necessary to resort to expensive agents here. Perfumes and other additives have no place in an optimally tolerated shampoo.
  • Use a small amount of shampoo and rub it into the scalp with light movements. Unnecessary amounts of shampoo can put a lot of stress on the scalp. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly!
  • It is best to simply let the hair dry after showering. If this is not possible, the hair can also be dried with a towel: Carefully start at the front and gently push it back. Under no circumstances should you rub your hair dry with a towel! This can cause many hairs to fall out and destroy the structure of the hair. Blow dry only at moderate temperatures, preferring cool and a little longer than hot and short. Of course, keep the hair dryer at a sufficient distance from your head.
  • Frequent hair washing is not a problem as long as a mild shampoo is used and the hair is carefully washed and dried. Regular hair washing removes sebum and dirt from the scalp, which helps to improve circulation.
  • For combing your hair, it is best to use a coarse brush with rounded tips. The use of metal brushes is not recommended. Plastic or wooden brushes work just as well and are usually better tolerated by the scalp.
  • The Tensioning the hair, e.g. by wearing braids, and pulling the hair should generally be avoided.

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