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How do I apply Factor Hair Activator?

For best results use Factor Hair Activator twice a day, once in the morn­ing and once at night.

Apply Factor Hair Activator on a clean scalp. Avoid using sham­poos which con­tain sil­i­cones, oils and SLS.

STEP 1: Apply 1–2 drop­pers of Factor Hair Activator direct­ly to the scalp. Part your hair and be sure to apply it in the area where your hair is thin­ning.

STEP 2: Massage the Factor Hair Activator into your scalp. Use your fin­gers to mas­sage through­out the hair loss area and then wash your hands after­wards.

STEP 3: Just let it dry and absorb into the scalp. After using Factor Hair Activator you can style your hair as usu­al!

For how long should I use the Factor Hair Activator?

For as long as pos­si­ble! If you want to main­tain a full head of hair, you should con­tin­ue to use Factor Hair Activator dai­ly for the first 6–8 months. After this you should con­tin­ue using Factor Hair Activator Weekly to main­tain your results.

Preventive appli­ca­tion:

To improve the hair tex­ture and pre­vent future hair loss, apply 1–2 drop­pers of Factor Hair Activator once a day in the evening for at least 3 months.

Intensive treat­ment appli­ca­tion:

For exist­ing bald patch­es or thin­ning hair and to stim­u­late new growth we rec­om­mend using 1–2 drop­pers of Factor Hair Activator twice a day in the morn­ings and evenings for at least 3 months.

Long-term appli­ca­tion:

After 3 months of reg­u­lar use, you will see the first results. We rec­om­mend the use of 1–2 drop­pers of Factor Hair Activator twice a week (even­ly spaced) to main­tain and inten­si­fy the results.

Important: If you want to main­tain a full head of hair, you should use Factor Hair ACTIVATOR dai­ly. If you stop using the Factor Hair Activator your hair will return to its for­mer con­di­tion after some time.


What are the first results which I can expect while using the Factor Hair Activator?

It depends on the gen­er­al con­di­tion of your hair and scalp. You will notice first the growth of fine baby hair.

How soon after start­ing the appli­ca­tion of the Factor Hair Activator are the effects notice­able?

It depends on the per­son. The major­i­ty of our cus­tomers report­ed sig­nif­i­cant results after 6–8 weeks.

Have Factor Hair Products been test­ed on animals?No! No ani­mal had to suf­fer.

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Side effects and other questions

Is it alright to use Factor Hair on irri­tat­ed or inflamed skin?

Factor Hair should be only used on healthy skin.

Can I use oth­er hair acti­vat­ing prod­ucts in con­junc­tion with the Factor Hair Activator?

Factor Hair Activator should not be used in com­bi­na­tion with any oth­er prod­ucts. Only use the acti­va­tor on a clean dry grease- and sil­i­cone-free scalp. For best results we would rec­om­mend using Factor Hair hair care prod­ucts.

Is it alright to use the Factor Hair Activator in com­bi­na­tion with a dye?

Yes you may use Factor Hair ACTIVATOR on died hair.

Is it alright to use the Factor Hair Activator after receiv­ing Chemotherapy?

Please con­sult your doc­tor. Factor Hair Activator has shown great results on peo­ple using the prod­uct after Chemotherapy.

Is it alright to use the Factor Hair Activator dur­ing preg­nan­cy and while breast feed­ing?

Factor Hair Activator con­tains 100% nat­ur­al active ingre­di­ents, but please con­sult your doc­tor before using the prod­uct.

Is it alright to use the Factor Hair Activator before or after an oper­a­tion?

Please con­sult your doc­tors when you have an oper­a­tion at the area of the scalp.

Can the Factor Hair Activator cause aller­gic reac­tions or skin irri­ta­tions?

Our prod­ucts are der­ma­to­log­i­cal­ly test­ed, but if you do expe­ri­ence any aller­gic reac­tions, to one of the ingre­di­ents we rec­om­mend that you stop using the prod­uct.

Factor Hair

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