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Pay attention to these things and thereby avoid an irritated scalp.

Five tips: Avoid irritated scalp

Pay attention to these things and thereby avoid an irritated scalp. Many people suffer from an irritated scalp, which is often red and flaky due to dryness.

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Finasteride against hair loss

Can finasteride products help against hair loss? Against hair loss Hair loss is one of the most common problems worldwide. One third of the population is affected. Everyone loses hair every day

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Attention pollutants!

How surfactants in your shampoo can permanently damage your hair. Full, thick, strong and shiny hair. This is the common beauty ideal, whether for men

Marma Therapy. Ayurveda Face Therapy
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Therapies against hair loss

Many therapies against hair loss promise to remedy the situation. But do they help? Only a therapy for male pattern baldness can really help. Autologous blood therapy which stimulates the hair roots and

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Focal point alopecia

Hair Loss

A ray of hope for the victims of hair loss An article on the Bloomberg website describes the research of Merck & Co (MRK) and Actelion Ltd. on a


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