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Hair loss and psychological problems
Focal point alopecia

Hair loss and psychological problems

Hair loss and hair problems are very delicate and not easy to discuss for both men and women. Many people in this group are affected by

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Factor Hair

Sun protection for hair

The perfect sun protection for hair Too much sun can severely damage the scalp and promote hair loss. Hair bleaches out in the sun, becomes cracked and

Focal point alopecia

Circular hair loss

Circular hair loss is an immune attack on the hair roots. Round, bald spots on the head develop very quickly, not so often are the beard or

Focal point alopecia

A look at male pattern hair loss

A research study at a university in Norfolk, Virginia, found that 84 percent of men who suffer from hair loss are concerned with the loss.

Hair loss - which really helps. Man with thinning hair or alopecia or hair loss
Focal point alopecia

Hair loss - what really helps

Hair loss - what really helps. Hair loss? Only men have that! This is a widespread prejudice. But women can also suffer from light hair or bald spots.


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