Circular hair loss

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Circular Hair Loss is an immune attack on the hair roots. Round, bald patches appear very quickly on the head, Not so often the beard or other areas are affected by this type of hair loss.

Circular hair loss: cause, therapy, prognosis

Circular hair loss successfully treated with Factor Hair Activator
Circular hair loss successfully treated with Factor Hair Activator

Circular hair loss is a form of hair loss which is mainly young men concerns. Every man who is affected knows how stressful the bald, round spots in his hair can be. But, don't worry, we will explain where this type of hair loss comes from, what causes it and what can be done about it.

Not only Womenas well Men attach great importance to their hair and regularly try out new styles. So it is all the worse if your hair falls out. One form of hair loss is circular hair loss. The most common form of hair loss is Hair disease in men between the ages of 20 and 40. The earlier this happens, the greater the loss of Hair especially in younger men.

What is circular hair loss?

The cause of circular hair loss (Alopecia areata) has not yet been clarified exactly. Experts assume that a disturbance of the body's own defence system is responsible for its development. It is suspected that the sudden onset of the disease causes the body's defence cells to attack the body's own hair and trigger an inflammation. This then results in a standstill of hair growth and finally in hair loss. How exactly this autoimmune reaction occurs is not yet known.

The special thing about circular hair loss is that it occurs only partially - in oval areas that are separated from the rest of the hair. In the hair, rarely in the beard, face or body hair, individual, round, hairless patches usually form relatively quickly or in batches. At the edge of the hairless patches there are usually short, broken hairs, so-called "exclamation mark", "comma" or "bulb" hairs. They are thinner towards the pore on the skin.

What does Alopecia areata - circular hair loss - mean? What are the causes? therapy?

Hello in this video we would like to explain what the term...

hello in this video we would like to explain what the term alopecia areata means circular hair loss it is a so-called autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks not only pathogens but also the body's own structures in the case of alopecia areata certain parts of the human hair are attacked so that the hair does not grow back in certain places typically the hairy scalp is affected here mostly circular bald arians from a few millimetres to several centimetres in diameter, but other body regions can also be affected in men, for example, there is often an involvement of beard hair but also eyebrows eyelashes underarm hair pubic hair or the hair on arms and legs can be affected in rare cases, unfortunately, it can also happen that large areas of the head do not appear and even a complete lack of any body hair is described here but these are really only exceptional cases why the malfunction of the immune system in alopecia areata is not yet known for sure a certain hereditary predisposition seems to play a role also patients with neurodermatitis are more often affected than other people and some patients have a general tendency to certain diseases including poppy diseases so some affected people also have diseases of the thyroid gland in addition to alopecia areata or a diabetes thus a sugar disease both of which can be caused by a malfunction of the immune system in some cases stress may also favour the development of alopecia areata the treatment of patients with circular hair loss is usually carried out by a dermatologist this will usually first clarify with various examinations whether it is really the presumed diagnosis or another form of hair loss and should also be checked with the help of certain blood tests whether other autoimmune diseases, especially thyroid disease or diabetes, are also present it is very difficult to make a prognosis regarding the course of alopecia areata there are many cases in which the disease lasts only a short time the hairs come back quickly and the patients never suffer from circular hair loss again there are also patients in whom new bald patches appear repeatedly after an intermediate regrowth of hair in some patients only white hair grows back or there is no growth at all in the area of the affected areas the latter are the rarest cases the therapy of an alopecia areata is currently still difficult because there is no drug that can prevent the disease safety in a slight form many experts advise even a wait and see strategy since all the previously areata up and therapy should disappear again but you should decide together with your doctors for a therapy many doctors first try a therapy with so-called cortisone preparations which are applied to the affected skin areas or injected into the skin and sometimes even have to be taken in tablet form frequently so-called reits therapies are also used in which a certain wheat of the substance is applied to the affected skin areas and in fact often a regrowth of the hair causes there are also a number of other therapies that are not used quite as often which procedure and in individual cases should be done for each individual patient of course only the treating doctor can say this task of the treating doctor we can not take over in our video we hope that we can at least a little understanding of the term alopecia areata contribute your team from your diagnosis de


What causes circular hair loss?

In most cases, however, there is no internal disease as a trigger. The circular hair loss is not contagious. Unfortunately, this emotional burden of the disease is often not correctly assessed by other people or health insurance companies. The exact causes of this disease are unknown. Doctors assume that it is a false reaction of the body's own immune system. Instead of fighting dangerous viruses and bacteria, the defence cells suddenly turn against the body's own hair. Circular hair loss is thought to be associated with other autoimmune diseases such as diabetes or thyroid disease.

Some doctors are also convinced that psychological influences can also favour the development of the disease. This is supported by the fact that circular hair loss often occurs after emotionally stressful life events. Especially with children and young people stress often seems to be the trigger of the disease.

Treating circular hair loss

Factor Hair for Men helps with hair loss
Factor Hair for Men helps with hair loss

After one year, even every second person affected has no bald spots visible. Circular hair loss can occur in regular relapses, sometimes after months, sometimes after several years (relapse) Doctors then speak of Alopecia areata universalis.

If you experience circular hair loss at a particularly stressful time for you, it can also help you to relax consciously. Treatment of the corresponding areas with the Factor Hair Activator for Men helps the affected hair roots to recover faster and to let the hair grow back. The first new hair is often downy, i.e. short, soft and light. Longer hairs follow, which are also weakly or poorly pigmented. Later, hairs grow back in their original colour.

Is alopecia curable?
The honest and sobering realization of alopecia areata is, unfortunately, that there is currently no cure. And also the existing therapeutic approaches are all while effectiveuntil you put them down.

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