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Hair, it's funny how something so simple can change a person's self-esteem. It's true, though, if someone has a good hair day, they can take their self-confidence to a whole new level. On the other hand, the self-esteem of a person who has a bad haircut can plummet.

Although sexy, healthy and shiny hair is not the key to happiness, it does not hurt to have beautiful hair. However, finding the right products to achieve sexy and healthy hair can be a challenge. There is such a wide variety of hair products on the market today that it can be difficult to know which products to buy for your hair.

For healthy, shiny hair, it is important to use products that have been specially developed for each individual hair type and hair structure. Before someone can buy the right products that deliver the desired results, it is necessary to first answer these two questions. What is the texture of the hair and what is the hair type? Hair type is what confuses people the most. The hair type is whether it is fine, medium or coarse. Answering this question can be difficult for some people, so let's go through this question first.

The diameter of the hair determines whether it is fine, medium or coarse. Many people think they have thin hair when their hair is fine. This may be true, but it is not always so. Thick or thin hair has to do with the density or amount of hair that someone has. The diameter is the size of the hair shaft itself. To help you imagine this, we'll use pasta as an analogy. Imagine fine hair as angel hair noodles, medium hair as vermicelli and coarse hair as spaghetti, all of which are noodles, but each "type" has a different size of diameter. If someone has a bundle of each type of noodles and each bundle contains 100 pieces, the spaghetti bundle looks like it has more pieces because the diameter or the spaghetti is bigger all around, it "looks" just like there are more.

Determining the hair structure is the next step in finding the right products for healthy, shiny and sexy hair. Hair structure determination is much easier and less confusing. The texture of the hair has to do with how it looks and feels. Although there are different degrees of curls, the hair is classified as either straight or curly. When the hair is straight, the scales of the hair shaft lie flat, which helps the hair to look shiny and smooth.

Curly hair can fall into soft waves, curls, tight curls or curls. As curly hair goes through twists and turns, it forces the cuticle layer to lift. This makes it difficult for the cuticle layer of the hair to lie flat and straight. Since the cuticles of curly hair do not lie flat, this tends to make the hair look frizzy and dull.

Although most people with fine hair tend to have straight hair, and those with coarse hair tend to have curly hair, this does not have to be the case. When it comes to hair, one should remember that anything is possible. A person can have fine hair that is curly and coarse hair that is straight and everything in between.

Now let's look at what products someone should use to get healthy, shiny and sexy hair.

Fine hair

The key to making fine hair look healthy, shiny and sexy is to look for light products that don't weigh down the hair. These products include products such as mousse, root lifters and products that are designed to create volume. Powder-based products are another great lightweight product that, when applied to the roots, gives individuals with fine hair the volume and lift that they find difficult to achieve. Try to avoid sticky products such as waxes, pomades and gels, as they only attract dirt and oil, which pull fine hair down and leave it dull and lifeless. Another important thing to avoid is using too much product, more is not better in this case. Again, this will make fine hair heavy and fall flat, which is usually the opposite for most people. Use products that increase the shine sparingly.

Coarse hair

People with coarse hair will want to look for products that give them shine and moisture. Look for heavier products like creams, waxes, pomades and gels. Coarse hair can appear frizzy in a humid climate, so waxes are also good because they form a barrier on the hair. This keeps the moisture inside, while the moisture that makes the hair frizzy is locked out. Since coarse hair is much heavier, light products do not help improve the appearance and are just a waste of money. Avoid anything that suggests it is used to thicken or increase volume. This will only serve to pad the cuticle layer and make coarse hair look even worse than it did at the beginning. Coarse hair thrives on oil-based drops that improve shine. These are great for smoothing the cuticle layer of the hair and give people with coarse hair the shiny, sexy hair they want.

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