The study was conducted by IMEX in Valencia (Spain).

Test over 4 weeks

The selected subject has incipient androgenetic alopecia.

To Start of the test there are very light spots in the hair. After 2 weeks use of Factor Hair: The hair becomes much thicker. After 4 weeks of using Factor Hair: The hair is almost completely restored.

Analysis of Factor Hair Activator

"The product shows significant efficacy"

The study comprises a total of 20 Men and 20 Women over 18 years of age who have agreed to participate in the study.


Analyzed variables and test results together


A total of 20 men and 20 women participated in the efficacy study with Factor Hair Activator. The study was conducted by the IMEX Institute, Spain, as part of a hair examination for alopecia.
The dermatologists who accompanied the study found an actual efficacy of 90% in Factor Hair Activator. This means that in 9 out of 10 of the test persons, hair growth resumed in the areas affected by alopecia and the hair grew back.
The subjects of the study themselves had the feeling or perception that Factor Hair Activator works at 100%. This perception is then also reflected in the later satisfaction of the users. This makes a difference of 10% to the actual effectiveness, which was measured by dermatologists at 90%.
Factor Hair Activator has a very good tolerability. 95% of the test persons rated the tolerability of Factor Hair Activator as very good. The remaining 5% users still rated the tolerability as good. None of the test persons knew of any problems with tolerability and Imex could not detect any side effects among the users.

The cosmetic aspect - i.e. the visible effect of Factor Hair Activator - has been evaluated by the users as 100% with the value Very good; assessed.

All test persons were very satisfied with the application and results of Factor Hair Activator, so that 100% of you gave Factor Hair the grade "very good" has judged.

When asked whether they would buy Factor Hair at any price, 70% of the respondents were positive and said that the price was secondary and that they would buy Factor Hair in any case.

The remaining 30% (this figure is slightly higher when looking at the male subjects alone), said that price would play a role in a purchase decision.

All test persons were convinced of Factor Hair.

All test persons stated that Factor Hair Activator is much better in its effect and application than any of the products they had tested or known on the market so far.

For the test persons, it is clear that Factor Hair Activator is the best yet, by a long way to the competitors, is the product available on the market for hair loss.

Effectiveness - 4Female volunteers appreciate both the effectiveness and the cosmetic aspect.

This is where Factor Hair Activator offers a decisive advantage, as Minoxidil contaminates / greases the hair and forces the woman to wash her hair every day.

For many women this is not acceptable. The product under investigation does not produce any particles and can therefore be used daily.

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