Eyebrows after chemo: When do they grow again?

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Chemotherapy is an extreme treatment where there is a high probability that you will severe hair loss ...to the same effect. Hair Loss can occur not only on the scalp, but also on the eyebrows and eyelashes. How quickly do your eyebrows grow back after chemotherapy?

In this article you will find more information about eyebrows after chemotherapy.

What are the chances of my eyebrows falling out after chemo?

This depends primarily on the type of chemotherapy you are receiving. If your doctor tells you that you are at risk of extensive hair loss or even a total loss of hair, this can also occur with your eyebrows and eyelashes. However, we have to say that you have a chance that it will happen. It's not that everyone who loses head hairs loses eyelashes and eyebrows immediately. Sometimes eyebrows, for example, only become thinner.

When do the eyebrows fall out during chemo?

Your eyebrows falling out during chemotherapy often happens after your head hair falls out. The moment the Hair fall out, you can quickly notice that your eyebrows are thinning. However, for some people, this happens only at the end of chemotherapy. There are even people who only one month after the last chemo treatment suddenly Hair Loss in the eyebrows.

Tip: Your eyebrows may itch or irritate during this process. If you find this bothersome, contact your doctor to find out if dehydration could be a cause. By moisturizing the skin around the eyebrows, you can slightly reduce the itching.

Regrowth of eyebrows after chemo

When will you get your eyebrows back after chemo? This varies from person to person. Sometimes your eyebrows fall out at the end of chemo and grow back in a month. For others, it can take up to two months for your eyebrows to grow back slightly.

Tip: Have 6 weeks passed since the last chemo treatment? Then you can Biotulin eyeLASH XXL to support your eyebrow serum. The product is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids to nourish the eyebrows and make them look fuller and healthier.

Applying eyeLASH once a day will make your eyebrows stronger and more flexible. Read more about this in our description of the Eyebrow Serum.

Eyebrows look different after chemo

Do your eyebrows look wilder and is your hair scattered everywhere? This may also be due to the fact that your eyebrows need to "get used" to the growth cycle again. Perhaps the natural curvature is not there yet, or the hairs are simply in the wrong direction. You can use an eyebrow gel to bring these hairs back into shape.

The eyebrows fall out for the second time, how is that possible?

It can happen that your eyebrows fall out for the second time after they have been waxed. This is because your eyebrows are tied to Growth cycle "...that they're going through again after the chemo. The process of growing, resting and falling out has been brought to their knees by the chemotherapy. This gives you a good chance that your eyebrows will come back at about the same time.

However, this also means that after 6 to 8 weeks they will all fail again at about the same time. This means that your eyebrows may look thinner again after the initial recovery period. This is not a cause for concern, but cosmetically it may be a little less beautiful. The best way to bridge this period is to take good care of the existing hair with an eyebrow serum to support the recovery as much as possible.

NoteSome people receive hormone therapy for breast cancer. As a side effect, the drugs that act on the hormone balance can cause hair loss. You should therefore read the package leaflet or ask your doctor. An eyebrow serum will not be able to counteract the effects of this medicine. It is best to wait until you no longer need this medicine.

Painting the eyebrows after chemo

Do you want to paint your eyebrows during the transition period after chemo? Then here are a few tips to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible. Kelsey Black shows in this vivid video how she paints her eyebrows. She herself Alopeciaso he has no eyebrows at all. Through artistic work with eyebrow stencil, brush and pencil she creates a beautiful eyebrow in no time. It takes some practice, but when you get the hang of it, you will have two beautiful eyebrows in ten minutes!

TipThis way of drawing eyebrows can also be used if you have some eyebrow hair or bald tufts.

Eyebrow Wigs

If you find drawing too much work, a Eyebrow Wig could be a solution. These wigs for eyebrows are available in different colors and shapes and you can stick to the place of your actual eyebrows with special glue. In the video below from Beauty Insider they show some examples.

TipGlue may irritate the skin in the eyebrows. The glue can also attract the fragile eyebrows that regrow when you remove them. The repair of your eyebrows may take longer. Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of a forehead bar or ask your doctor before you start with the eyebrow wig. If necessary, do a patch test in advance to see if you are allergic to the glue at all.

Dye eyebrows after chemo

Do you still have eyebrows after chemo, but are they lighter or thinner? Then tinting the eyebrows can be a solution. We must say that color is a big hit on your hair. So it can happen that eyebrows can fall out a bit faster because of the colour. So think carefully for yourself if your eyebrows can handle this method and contact your medical or doctor if necessary.

Tip: Do you think the colour is too strong, but would you like to update your eyebrows? Then an eyebrow gel could be a nice middle course. You then apply the eyebrow gel once a day to model your eyebrows and add colour. The GrandeBrow Fill is a finely tinted eyebrow gel, available in light and dark colours.

Eyebrow tattoo after chemo

Don't you have to raise your eyebrows every day? Then you can also choose to have your eyebrows tattooed. If you choose this solution, we recommend that you research a good tattoo artist long in advance, who already has experience with tattooing eyebrows. Someone who can put on a nice sleeve does not have to be an eyebrow expert! It is a separate art to tattoo eyebrows in a natural way.

TipThere are also people who get their eyebrows tattooed just before chemo. You still have your natural hair, so your tattoo artist can see very well where the tattooed lines should go.

Professional microblading of the eyebrows
Professional microblading of the eyebrows

TipYou don't have to get a permanent tattoo. A semi-permanent tattoo is also quite possible. By means of microblading small incisions are made in the skin, into which pigment is then applied. This will take about 2 years, after which you will have to have it repositioned. But you can only have your eyebrows back by then and you don't need to repeat it.

Do you have any tips for drawing, updating or styling your eyebrows after chemo? We would like to hear it! Send us an email or leave a comment and our team will respond as soon as possible.

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