Eyebrows after chemo: When do they grow again?

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Wann wachsen die Augenbrauen nach der Chemo nach?

Chemotherapy is an extreme treat­ment where there is a high prob­a­bil­i­ty that you will expe­ri­ence severe hair loss. Hair loss can occur not only on the scalp, but also on the eye­brows and eye­lash­es. How quick­ly do your eye­brows grow back after chemother­a­py?

This arti­cle pro­vides more infor­ma­tion about eye­brows after chemother­a­py.

What are the chances of my eyebrows falling after chemo?

This depends pri­mar­i­ly on what kind of chemother­a­py you get. If your doc­tor tells you that you are at risk of exten­sive hair loss or even total hair loss, this can also hap­pen to your eye­brows and eye­lash­es. However, we must say that you have a chance of this hap­pen. It is not the case that every­one who los­es head hair imme­di­ate­ly los­es eye­lash­es and eye­brows. Sometimes, for exam­ple, eye­brows only become thin­ner.

When do the eyebrows fall out during chemo?

Falling out your eye­brows dur­ing chemother­a­py often hap­pens after your head hair falls. The moment you run out of hair, you can quick­ly see your eye­brows thin­ning. In some peo­ple, how­ev­er, this only hap­pens at the end of chemother­a­py. There are even peo­ple who have sud­den­ly noticed hair loss in their eye­brows only a month after the last chemo treat­ment.

Tip: Your eye­brows can itch or irri­tate dur­ing this process. If you find this annoy­ing, con­sult your doc­tor to see if dehy­dra­tion could be a cause. By mois­tur­iz­ing the skin around the eye­brows, you can relieve the itch­ing a lit­tle.

Regrowth eyebrows after chemo

When do you get your eye­brows back after chemo? This varies from per­son to per­son. Sometimes your eye­brows fall out at the end of the chemo and grow back in a month. For oth­ers, it can take up to two months for the eye­brows to grow slight­ly.

Tip: Have 6 weeks passed since the last chemo treat­ment? Then you can use Biotulin eyeLASH XXL to sup­port your eye­brow serum. The prod­uct is packed with vit­a­mins, antiox­i­dants and amino acids to nour­ish the eye­brows and make them look fuller and health­i­er.

Once dai­ly apply­ing eyeLASH, her eye­brows become stronger and more flex­i­ble again. Read more about this in our descrip­tion of the eye­brow serum.

Eyebrows look dif­fer­ent after chemo

Do your eye­brows look wilder and are your hair scat­tered every­where? This may also be due to the fact that your eye­brows need to “get used” to the growth cycle again. Possibly the nat­ur­al cur­va­ture is not yet there, or the hair is sim­ply in the wrong direc­tion. You can use an eye­brow gel to get these hair back in shape.

The eyebrows are falling out for the second time, how is this possible?

It may hap­pen that your eye­brows fail for the sec­ond time after wax­ing. This is because your eye­brows need to “get used” to the growth cycle they are now going through again after chemo. The process of grow­ing, rest­ing and falling out has been forced to its knees by chemother­a­py. This gives you a good chance that your eye­brows will return around the same time.

However, this also means that after 6 to 8 weeks they will all fail again at about the same time. This means that your eye­brows may look thin­ner again after the first recov­ery peri­od. This is not a cause for con­cern, but cos­met­i­cal­ly it can be a lit­tle less beau­ti­ful. The best way to bridge this peri­od is to main­tain exist­ing hair well with an eye­brow serum to sup­port recov­ery as much as pos­si­ble.

Note:Some peo­ple receive hor­mone ther­a­py for breast can­cer. As a side effect, the drugs that affect the hor­mone bal­ance can cause hair loss. Therefore, be sure to read the pack­age leaflet or ask your doc­tor. An eye­brow serum will not be able to coun­ter­act the effects of this drug. It is best to wait until you no longer need this med­i­cine.

Painting the eyebrows after chemo

Do you want to paint your eye­brows dur­ing the tran­si­tion peri­od after chemo? Then there are a few tips to make your eye­brows look as nat­ur­al as pos­si­ble. Kelsey Black shows how she paints her eye­brows in this vivid video. She her­self has alope­cia,so she has no eye­brows at all. Through ornate work with eye­brow sten­cil, brush and pen­cil, she cre­ates a beau­ti­ful eye­brow in no time. It takes some prac­tice, but when you have the spin out, you have two beau­ti­ful eye­brows in ten min­utes!

Tip: This type of draw­ing of eye­brows can also be used if you have some eye­brow hair or bald tufts.

Eyebrow wigs

If you find draw­ing too much work, an eye­brow wig could be a solu­tion. These eye­brow wigs are avail­able in dif­fer­ent col­ors and shapes and you can stick with spe­cial glue in the place of your actu­al eye­brows. In the video below by Beauty Insider they show some exam­ples.

Tip: Glue can irri­tate the skin in the eye­brows. The glue can also attract the frag­ile eye­brows that grow new when you remove the eye­brows. Repairing your eye­brows may take longer. Ask about the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of a fore­head bar or your doc­tor before you start using the eye­brow wig. If nec­es­sary, per­form a patch test in advance to see if you are aller­gic to the glue at all.

Eyebrows after chemo dye

Do you still have eye­brows after chemo, but are they lighter or thin­ner? Then the eye­brows can be col­ored, can be a solu­tion. We have to say that col­or is a big hit on your hair. So it can hap­pen that eye­brows can fall out a lit­tle faster because of the col­or. So think care­ful­ly for your­self if your eye­brows can han­dle this method and con­tact your doc­tor if nec­es­sary.

Tip:Do you think the col­or is too strong, but do you want to update your eye­brows? Then an eye­brow angel could be a nice mid­dle ground. You then apply the eye­brow gel once a day to mod­el your eye­brows and give col­or. The GrandeBrow Fill is a fine­ly tint­ed brew­ing gel, avail­able in the col­ors light and dark.

Eyebrow Tattoo After Chemo

Don’t you have to raise eye­brows every day? Then you can also choose to have your eye­brows tat­tooed. If you choose this solu­tion, we rec­om­mend that you research well in advance for a good tat­too artist who already has expe­ri­ence with tat­too­ing eye­brows. Someone who can put on a nice sleeve does­n’t have to be an eye­brow expert! It is a sep­a­rate art to tat­too eye­brows in a nat­ur­al way.

Tip:There are also peo­ple who have their eye­brows tat­tooed just before the chemo. You still have your nat­ur­al hair, so your tat­too artist can see very well where the tat­tooed lines should go.

Professional microblading of eyebrows
Professional microb­lad­ing of eye­brows

Tip:You don’t have to get involved in a per­ma­nent tat­too. A semi-per­ma­nent tat­too is also quite pos­si­ble. Microblading is used to make small inci­sions in the skin, into which pig­ment is then applied. This will take about 2 years, after which you will have to have it reset. But you can only have your eye­brows back there and you don’t need to repeat it.

Do you have any tips for draw­ing, updat­ing or styling your eye­brows after chemo? We would like to hear it! Send us an email or leave a com­ment, then our team will respond as soon as pos­si­ble.

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