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With Factor Hair Activator we have created an innovative hair loss treatment that works! We help you to get the best out of your hair - without any side effects.


As a laboratory, we face the challenge of finding not only causes but also solutions to the most prominent problems of our age.

Nowadays the external appearance is very important everywhere, no matter whether privately or at work. So important, in fact, that a subjectively negative change in our appearance can not only affect our personal state of mind, but can spread to all spheres of our life, including our job.

Those who do not feel comfortable in their own skin will also appear differently on the outside and will retreat or behave differently accordingly.

Hair loss is one of the problems in the industrial nations, which already affects more than half of the population over 50 years of age, Men slightly more frequently than Women.

Numerous surveys have shown that hair loss, despite its frequency, is still not fully accepted socially and is considered a sign of aging or, especially in women, a disease.

When comparing two people of the same age, one with thinning hair and the other with full hair, the older person with less hair on his head is probably almost always the one who is estimated to be older.
For women with hair loss, it is also a fact that female pattern baldness is far less accepted than male pattern baldness.

There is no doubt that hair loss is a big problem in our society, and in the search for solutions those affected do not shy away from dubious remedies or from going to the surgeon, which can often have fatal consequences, not only for the wallet.

That is why we have researched a solution that is affordable for everyone, and of course for every woman, within her own four walls - and all this without side effects.


Thanks to the use of the latest technologies in medical technology and biochemistry, our scientists at GPL German Pharma Laboratories GmbH have succeeded in creating a tincture of 100% natural ingredients that has a double effect:
New hair growth is promoted by 93% and at the same time hair loss is reduced by more than 90%.

Thanks to innovative ingredients, existing hair is strengthened from the root out and thus Factor Hair Activator manages to achieve the desired effect - without any side effects.


The active ingredient derived from lentils, thyme and bamboo MKMS24 inhibits the enzyme responsible for hair loss 5α reductase II. This promotes new hair growth and inhibits further hair loss.

The two different product lines, Factor Hair Activator for men and Factor Hair Activator for women, are tailored to the individual needs of men and women.

Male hair loss is essentially different from female hair loss in its arrangement. While men usually have a so-called "safe zone", like a kind of wreath, which is not affected by hair loss, hair loss in women usually "spreads" over the entire head area.

In order to meet the needs of both sexes and their specific requirements in the fight against hair loss, we have developed two different formulas, each of which works optimally.

Both in development and in production, we rely on ethical principles, which is why no animal has had to suffer in animal experiments.

We produce Hair Factor Activator in our German headquarters in Meinerzhagen, under the strict eye of the German legislator. Therefore, you will only find products of tested quality that have been manufactured to the highest standards in our laboratories.


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