Grey hair at 20 or 30?

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Canities a.s.a.s. (gray hair) refers to natural aging (from the age of 30-40 years). The gray impression is due to the gradual decrease of the colored Hair. Graying before the age of 20 (before the age of 30 in dark skin) is called canities praecox (premature graying). Mostly e.c.i., sometimes familial, sometimes with rare syndromes (Böök syndrome, progeria, Rothmund, Werner).

Grey hair is caused by a decrease in the amount of pigment in the hair.

Hair color is determined by the amount of melanin pigment supplied to the hair and by the type of pigment: eumelanin or pheomelanin. Eumelanin is available as black eumelanin and as brown eumelanin. Pheomelanin gives the hair orange and red tones. Everyone has a certain amount of pheomelanin in their hair. A small amount of brown eumelanin gives blonde hair, a higher amount of brown eumelanin gives brown hair. A large amount of black eumelanin results in black hair, a small amount of black eumelanin results in grey hair. With increasing age, the production of melanin pigment decreases and grey hair is produced. When all melanin disappears completely, the hair becomes white (colourless). Real grey hair does not exist, it is always a mixture of discoloured (white) hair and the remaining black hairs, which together cause the grey colour.

The time of aging depends on age and hereditary factors. Some people go grey early, for example from the age of 25, others keep their original hair colour until old age. Premature greying can be hereditary. There are also racial differences. The first grey hairs often appear on the temples, in men in the beard hairs. Then it spreads to the rest of the head and body.

Gray hair develops with age, there is not really a cause. It may also be caused by underlying factors such as bad Nutrition (vitamin B12 deficiency), diseases (anemia, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases), smoking and certain medications (chloroquine) are caused or rather accelerated.

The therapy:
Treatment is usually not desired, gray hair is considered to be something that comes with aging. Those who find it disturbing can camouflage it by dyeing their hair (colour shampoo, colour conditioner, hair colour). Not all hair dyes are suitable for colouring grey hair. You could pull out a few white hairs. There are hair care products that can camouflage the grey colour, for example by making the white hair more transparent. Colour conditioners give a layer of colour on the outside of the hair and are temporary, when the hair is washed, the colour is washed out again. Hair dyes have a permanent effect, but the growth of hair at the roots will eventually make your own hair colour visible again.

Grey hair at a young age

welcome to a new video in front of me and yes you have it...

welcome to a new video before me

and yes you wished it in

my last video i gave you

just asked me to

to tell or comment on

what you like to know about hair

and gray hair was on everyone's head

case with top of the list all

other topics I will discuss in the

coming videos edit but clear

of course, I first looked where

most thumbs were high and gray

hair definitely yes they were often is that

topic but in any case your favourite

and meanwhile it's like this or

that even young people today

also suffer from gray hair

already people in their 20s or

the '30s and yes, what do we often associate

with gray hair so often

associate again with naturally the

get older or be all, and

yes that does not have to be of course not always

in the event that it should happen, I give you also

later on, plus, guess what if what you

when you're already gray.

hair and how you still have it with

proudly but still have

I also have here very exciting

scientific tips for you we

possibly pigments in the hair again

or of course you can bring

perhaps also preventive of course

if you can proceed for example

perhaps also due to family reasons to

have chewed

of course I love to talk about a

commentary from you can also give me pleasure

still like to give tips on the topic

hair or respectively inspirations

what I might call my next

could still treat videos or

generally simple topic suggestions the

with the most thumbs of course

it's when I pay the most attention

so make it easy and comment on it

is actually how science has

still not one hundred percent

explanation of why people gray

respectively already younger

people a gray and I have there to

example of a study found that says

that it has to do with, for example

our body and he could be

respectively the hair follicles and the

scalp too much hydrogen peroxide


and that, as it were, causes the hair to turn grey

hydrogen peroxide comes relatively

naturally in our bodies before

and yes there is a certain enzyme that

is called catalase and this neutralizes

quasi the effect of hydrogen peroxide

and there was always some

little magic spoken where I

researched the onion

mixed together with lemon

the onion deactivated so to say yes

the enzyme catalase and there was always

spoken by these means that

that virtually puts pigments back into the hair

pure package fall onion juice and

lemon juice mixed and then also

giving hair this is definitely yes

very very interesting and then

is likely to have this much effect


furthermore then there was a very I

summer intensive study in

asia or respectively in india

there are many people there who are also suffering

our gray hair because

first of all, you have this dark hair and there

of course the grey hair also falls

even more and the further of course

also many also nourish vegetable or

vegetarian diet just in


and that's where they tried to get

to find out which specific

nutrients they lack that the

maybe the reason could be that

their hair greys so early so we

have been tested on or respectively

subjects had by people who were in

their twenties and thirties

and yes, I think there are certain things

each case identified

first of all it was about how can

grey hairs are formed at all there are

yes different mechanisms in the body

that will lead to yes, I say

that we just age faster

this includes for example a

depletion of the enzymes that are necessary for

be accountable

yes the melanin in the hair formed

it's just not going to make these enzymes

work more really well I can do it

also be that it is simply too little

are also antioxidants in the body and

so many free radicals

this may also result in

prematurely gray hair then there was

another theory with the so-called

telomers not that in quasi

shortening of the telomeres is prevented

there is a specific enzyme for this

responsible that is called


and when that is no longer so active

then of course it could be that our

body ages faster this as said

be one more point behind one

that hair greys faster because we

of course that our old one there

both due to the aging process somewhat

is accelerated more so it has

of course also with the promotions for

do or with the telomers partially

our genetics are not, I'll say this.

extremely pre-programmed that it will also

is somehow reversible so you can

of course also somewhere else gene

influence yes now I come to

every case to the very important point and

although nutrients have been used in

this test person from the asian

what do you find in the room of the

so these typical nutrient deficiencies

what could be related to that

is the hair, because you've got the hair so early.

gray and they have a few things

noted the scientists and

although, for one thing, a protein

lack so it wasn't a real

protein deficiency but a certain

amino acid was not so present

this amino acid is called tyrosine and

tourist is also responsible for

that melanin production stimulates

and melanin is what our

have over our hair she was the

color and yes exactly and tyrosine

you will find for example the pumpkin seed

in walnuts or even in this one

and yes, of course, I'm going to talk

only for vegetarians or

or rather, he is for the vegan

if you're not vegan or

then of course it can google

only everywhere there are theories of the

others are in the control group

it has been noticed that some

b12 lack we had twelve becomes also

closely related to the fact that

hair could eventually turn grey and you could

can of course play 12 im added

of course, twelve men often come to

vegans and vegetarians also before

but of course, it can also be used on me

more delicious as for example the

body maybe nutrients no longer

correctly completed which is also important

much fermented food to

take where also traces of b12 are in it

could include, for example

nato- I find very very healthy very

important for vegans I think or also

tempeh or also sauerkraut and of

of course also old ones like to the

example chlorella which also has many

nutrients has among other things also traces

of b12 can then of course contain

has also noted that to the

example an iron deficiency or a

anemia anemia can cause

people are prematurely greying and the

I also found, for example, very very

interesting because of the fact that of course

again, this also means of course

many vegan vegetarians affected

but that's not the way to do it.

example i do not have iron deficiency

because I'm pushing a lot of people to

take me and the nettle is one

the most important model one of the best

iron suppliers of this camp all all

the kind of food we actually eat and I'm going to

in any case always premslin smoothies or

to juice and the further was also

demonstrates that many of these subjects

there or the control group the

many of them also examined an expensive

had a deficiency or a

mangel and b12 and vollath go like this

a little bit hand in hand so

If you have a b12 deficiency it can also be

be that there is a folic acid deficiency the

metabolism of folic acid a

little yes animated or respectively

and why did you go to the

example also in yeast in legumes

than especially in red lenses in

parsley or even in press and

another nutrient that is also used by many

there is one more shortcoming for example

biotin you also have to use in the

example in there and I recommend

there must always be a sign

in water just the one with the brown

bowl so you can use the better

and then I digested yes and these in

ten calves will not make you

digestive problems

there were other nutrients that were used in

of the study were called the perhaps

can still cause the hair to

grey faster this is part of

example zinc copper

they lean and you can also take vitamin b5

definitely like to google in

which in which vegan or even

vegetarian or whatever

food that may contain

might be

now we come to a very

special dark green leafy vegetables and

Though wheatgrass is what I've always wanted.

read that people with the help of

wheatgrass juice again, so to speak

a little pigmentation in the hair

could also bring for example

victoria ocampo had received from her

tells about how they can pass through white glass

juice again a little bit

has dark hair or more

colour in the hair and a very well-known

example is also to know a way moore

maybe some of you have been so...

the first one of the first raw food

queens, and she's been very

strongly on a green leafy vegetable and

green plants and she has specialized

always talking about wheatgrass juice

how enormous the effect of white

glass juice and because of course also very

contains a lot of chlorophyll and also very

very good for people with grey hair

and she could allegedly

also your grey hair quasi again

add comments so come now

we're definitely going to have another one

where you guys often ask me

the high-frequency

it's not only super badass

great for the skin, so I gotta say.

I use that every day of the week.

but it can also reduce hair growth


I say hair loss a little bit

counteract and of course also with

grey hair helps quite well because yes

this high frequency device is very good

to stimulate the blood circulation the

nutrient supply simply gets better

with yes, where the so to speak

hair follicles and scalp are then

of course it also charges the body very much

more positive than you'll know if you're

that high frequency device uses so

who has ever experienced

and gets into high frequency

would like to be in the comments would like me very much


so it lives the body quasi positive

so you get little

electroshock or looking for it so

small that it does not really not hurt

does and is not really unpleasant

and also detoxifies the body and how

said it works with ozone and

this is of course a very very good option

is very strong antioxidant and

of course also very good for quasi

free radicals to fight and that is

and often maybe even something about it

causes the hair

admittedly one associates grey

not necessarily with sexy hair but I

give you a few pointers on how to

your grey hair still rocks

if, on the other hand, you can't necessarily

and you should always pay attention to

that such a youthful, healthy

you keep your skin so you look natural

despite your gray hair sexy and

attractive to the people keep also

continue to respect your slender body

on a very good posture and

make sure that your gray hair

healthy full and well-groomed look therefore

you can definitely do grief gray

hair with proud and would then wear

have a good time and

of course I am very happy about a

like and yes until soon love you

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