Grey hair at 20 or 30 years old?

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Canities a.s.a.s. (grey hair) refers to nat­ur­al aging (from the age of 30–40 years). The grey impres­sion is cre­at­ed by the grad­ual decrease in the dyed hair. Graying before the age of 20 (for dark skin before the age of 30) is called can­i­ties prae­cox (pre­ma­ture gray­ing). Mostly e.c.i., some­times fam­i­ly, some­times with rare syn­dromes (Böök syn­drome, prog­e­ria, Rothmund, Werner).

Grey hair is caused by a decrease in the amount of pigment in the hair.

The hair col­or is deter­mined by the amount of melanin pig­ment that is fed to the hair, as well as by the type of pig­ment: eume­lanin or pheome­lanin. Eumelanin is avail­able as black eume­lanin and brown eume­lanin. Pheomelanin gives the hair orange and red hues. Each has a cer­tain amount of pheome­lanin in their hair. A small amount of brown eume­lanin results in blond hair, a high­er amount of brown eume­lanin results in brown hair. A lot of black eume­lanin results in black hair, lit­tle black eume­lanin results in gray hair. With age, the pro­duc­tion of the melanin pig­ment decreas­es and gray hair devel­ops. When the entire melanin dis­ap­pears com­plete­ly, the hair turns white (col­or­less). There is no real grey hair, it is always a mix­ture of dis­col­ored (white) hair and the still exist­ing black hair, which togeth­er cause the gray col­or.

The tim­ing of aging depends on age and hered­i­tary fac­tors. Some peo­ple turn ear­ly, for exam­ple from the age of 25, oth­ers retain their orig­i­nal hair col­or until old age. Early gray­ing can be her­i­ta­ble. There are also racial dif­fer­ences. The first grey hairs often appear at the tem­ples, in men in the beard hair. Then it spreads to the rest of the head and body.

Grey hair at a young age

Grey hair devel­ops with age, there is not real­ly a cause. It may also be caused or rather accel­er­at­ed by under­ly­ing fac­tors such as poor diet (vit­a­min B12 defi­cien­cy), dis­eases (ane­mia, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­eases, autoim­mune dis­eases, thy­roid dis­eases), smok­ing and cer­tain med­ica­tions (chloro­quine).

The ther­a­py:
Treatment is usu­al­ly unde­sir­able, grey hair is con­sid­ered to be some­thing that goes with aging. If you find it dis­turb­ing, you can cam­ou­flage it by dye­ing the hair (col­or sham­poo, col­or rinse, hair col­or). Not all hair dyes are suit­able for dye­ing grey hair. You could rip out some white hair. There are hair care prod­ucts that can cam­ou­flage the grey col­or by, for exam­ple, mak­ing the white hair more trans­par­ent. Color rins­es give a lay­er of col­or on the out­side of the hair and are tem­po­rary, when the hair is washed, the col­or is washed out again. Hair dyes have a last­ing effect, but due to the growth of the hair at the base, at some point your own hair col­or becomes vis­i­ble again.

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