Hair loss and psychological problems

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Hair Loss and hair problems are both for Men as well as for Women very delicate and not easy to discuss. Many people in this group are affected by the Hair Loss unsettled, but also by the unclear information that leads to hair loss and what can be done about it.

Hair loss is not only a physical condition

Hair loss is not only a physical condition, but can also have significant psychological effects. Although it is usually worse for women, we should not underestimate the effects on men either. Hair loss can lead to anxiety attacks, depression and withdrawal from the social environment.

Much research has been done to better understand the psychological effects of hair loss. What we know for sure is that it is very important that you take the time to think carefully about what hair loss means to you personally and which treatment method best suits your personal life. A well-considered choice and objective advice offers the best chances of success and will be experienced by you.

The reactions to hair loss that can occur were shown in a large study in America. Especially the psychological side of hair loss has received much attention. These reactions are among others:

Hair loss can make men doubt their manhood. In most cultures, hair has been associated with strength and masculinity for centuries. Hair loss can significantly change a man's appearance. It is normal that people start asking questions: Do people still find me attractive? Will I look older? Will it have a negative effect on my career? Will my friends laugh at me? These legitimate concerns about hair loss can lead to fear and panic.

Some men find it hard to admit that they suffer from hair loss, even to themselves. This causes some men to do everything they can to hide their hair loss. A classic example of this is the side combing of the Hair. It is not uncommon for a man to keep his hair loss a secret even from his own wife. The inability or unwillingness to accept deviant hair loss can lead to ineffective treatment methods.

Friends and colleagues who make fun of hair loss can cause a feeling of humiliation. It can be very difficult to deal with such comments. If this person takes it harshly, it shows that a sensitive nerve has been touched, which often leads to even more harassment.

How do I deal with hair loss?

servus and welcome to this latest video fre...

servus and welcome to this

newest video friends you have

just seen

roughly what today is all about

probably already in the title

read why I say that

of course you know what goes how

I'm going with this beautiful area

up here with nothing left around and

yeah, how did it happen, anyway, that I

I said I'd cut it now.

from because these are not fancy

Here you can see that it is still hairy.

half will not grow there

would and when I might have the

first time I realized that in the long run.

might not look so good up there

Yeah, and you should go over there.

I think because many who watched this video

maybe now look at what means

many depending on whether it's about my

follower number goes out or not

but if you speak up now

Feeling you know you're not alone.

it's not just me, and that's also

good to know that's actually the

the most normal thing in the world and yes that you

not to get ready for this but

we'd best start from scratch

which was yes, I would say

thus with 11 12 beginning of puberty as

if you go to secondary school like this

may also

and yes because of were once had to know where

is your place this is actually my place

for one person, and well, I wasn't

necessarily the self dense first type yes

I've always felt that

I wasn't a friend of yours either.

the one who now bullied castiel

but it's always been people

come where you knew de rené de ging

you the wall not stupid and and

why don't you just say the word, and yes.

I mean, you're supposed to be so attached to your

I've been holding out for friends.

mobbing was then unfortunately such a

a little more in the with currently fifth

until the seventh has turned out this is just a

and accordingly I have increased

even then i have long hair

in the past I had these hairs also after and

after more used for this

to hide out in there like you know

this justin bieber hairstyle of

right to left or vice versa where you

is hiding behind a little bit of this.

or has always done things this

twitching with his basket the years

my eyes go and I've got myself there

not really I'm saying about it now

therefore defines yes but without the hair

I wouldn't have devoted my life

I can't imagine why

but like I told you, they were just so...

buckled down

maybe that's a good way

and then I have to define

sometime media hair cut off and

that was really just one of those

decision ok slow time not

more so far she's kind of

shit haußmann has his style

and then there was the

but even then

when I had these for so long, I...

Hey, wait a minute.

father you only know him with


not only does he have as much hair as I do.

especially up here, and at some point

will also meet and then you'll get

you're naturally so paranoid and afraid of every

once you get out of the shower

and a long hair kind of like this.

and you say

She's right here, it's a real crowd pleaser.

saxons no longer have any hair on their

pages and of course when they are long

the hairs then become effective these

the bigger the gaps, the more you can add

I'll come back in a minute.

come here, she always looks here.

Something I could use when there's a...

and then you're so...

a gap and then naturally fallen

that a lot more than you've got going on

and others but just when you're feeling

just with this hair so much

always looks that the

nice bald head

I was great, too, you know?

vain with my hair because I had

the worst waves inside so really cash

that never really

they've never laid it right the way I did.

wanted to, well, and then you came over

so in the end there's a gap there.

and it looks like poo.

then meets

why and you think shitty thoughts about it like

you can't walk out of here

was anything but easy I have

which in part even sounds now

Maybe it's funny, but because

these crass waves and I had


at my aunt's who is a hairdresser and

right there, I did it 23 times.

and then I was full, too.

happy because this one is so publicly

like you are how does the team come?

ebay or just like me from people

who also had the haircut because I

I think almost everyone has the time

behind him or yes now is the

justin bieber hairstyle

the undercut instructed everyone to wear this

even at my age back then but well

and that's exactly when I got the...

cut off at some point because I thought

never come you have yes if I the hair

for that and they were also broken in the picture

and well, I was like this at first.

quite happy with it because they were

were shorter I did not have to

I had to hide with it too.

that now look like them.

and that you can fill these gaps

a little bit, but of course I have

nevertheless, one tries above all to find

it's just when you're the hair

first of all again briefly cuts after so

for a long time only little by little so

the hairstyle you have and of course

through this smoothing I then had

kind of straight hair at first that was...

and then it'll be really cool, but then I'll have

noticed with 15 16 the waves safely

slowly I got really bad

and everything's nice and...

Well, I'll have that for another 565 years.

had me lying about 56 years

but, you know, it's not like

better and then it was just so

I then had these curls I am

through which you will see me dazzle

Probably all of them here now.

picture one

I hope at least and well then I have

but I'm still going to be so...

and stopped here and here and here.

one just but then more and more

I saw the gaps like this and well I had

just also really difficult hair

really thin hair i had this

blatant rings lie curl curl and

jan sides really curly hair and

back here they were slippery and I

had the worst hair

because you can imagine them and

that even made me think that even though that was

a little earlier but made to

because you're going to be so slow to stop

pictures also of these receding hairline corners

and of course I was looking at

pictures always tries to make it as

hide that you don't see it that way

I actually have a picture

photoshop and me on the left side

in the picture is the right one i stay

here's a one tuft of hair from

one side to the other birthplace

that we can't fill the gap

and although I still believe that

It was a long time ago.

my hair only last year

cut off

that was probably about five years ago

but I should've known even then

it must be clear that it can't go on like this

can go because if you're on and on

your hair is too big for your hair.

photo shopping of course my

self-confidence was then also

...for so fortified, perhaps today...

and I'm not handling it very well

came because I didn't want to have to deal

Abfinden Monat was wanted that is

just doesn't look like

I'll have others my own age when you're...

that is gradually becoming clear then had to

just draw a line and the

accept and ready because yes to that or

I might as well say it now

Your hair is just the way it is.

then you can't naturally

and especially when you're doing

circular house what do you have here

...and then lose everything, and then here...

what's that wreath you're wearing

Typically then knows even more

not because then when you're upstairs

nothing hates a woman like that anymore.

transplantation no option and if

if you look at these results you

see is just that the fake

and if they're not very long

and you don't have one now, so if you're there

don't fall over it then you'll see

the team was put in there because

are not so dense and after that

especially in the back where the hair

be cut out fucking gap

so that's what happened when, like I said.

but it's the last

option on no account

well, and like I said, then it went like this

on and on and on and at some point

I'm really getting fed up with this.

this rest consists the beard makes the

hair smooth look that they fall nicely

here and there and it's really a quarter

22 minutes around and then you go out

and they get wet or a gust of wind

you could do it all for nothing.

Well, that was a lot of nerve that I was giving

with myself and in front of

I've been riding my bike a lot since

you can change your hairstyle

and hairspray was just so

difficult no idea and then last

summer in august i'll be at a

I was driving by the hair salon.

seen him disguise eight euros or

somehow or other

and then I got it completely

cut off

just from now on at once with

the razor over it still said 55 mm

or how long and there they were gone and

then they're not

came back and I have to tell you

people i'm so happy that i can do this


so of course, and that comes naturally

with a gentleman you become or when you are

You take a step like that, you're gonna get a lot

resonance and not only positive feedback

because many say and no lure yours

and there and that was so beautiful and

here it has such a liberating feeling

not to worry about it anymore.

you have to make sure that there's some kind of gap

and she's taylor's not

hair more or

it's getting a little bit easier to

do you not believe because now, as I said.

You don't have to spend any more time in the bathroom.

spend that on top of everything else

you just have such a laid-back

everyday life you look out of the shower

the one in the towel and done and

this psychological factors also otherwise

or I'll have to think about

what it looks like is also completely gone

it's just the way it is and of course

it would be nice to have full hair and

straight and great straight hair and here and

there and having a nice haircut and

When you look at others I know

what to do with your hair

then, of course, you think to yourself, "Why?

Isn't that my server with the

just to have it locked now and

to accept it for what it is

completely yes liberating and therefore if

you've been in the same situation since

are just hair people are just hair and

that how much can you be concerned with

finish defined by but not

something out of your head I

don't define me by how

my body looks natural this is

a big part of my life of

weight training so but there are so many

more important things than an optical

appearance and that must be

becoming clear of course is a process

to deal with

and that this could also change his mind

not overnight, but it has

so many advantages above all that he will

to accept I mean I see

ten years older but I have

simply no disadvantages thereby and

so that's why don't you guys


always remember, you don't need money.

to spend more of frieze just your

shave your hair once, shave it twice

every other week or so and then

that's no problem but

just so you know that I'm also

was a process and I didn't say

I was I am now in the mood for short

hair I just do this once but

I've struggled with it too, and

really a lot and yes but it is

simply the best way and the easiest

away and the most consistent way this

to take the step and therefore if

should not like could still

always have a toupee put on

so I hope I never do.

but you never know

so I'm glad to see that now

I once watched a video of a guy

a bit off the beaten track

but I think it's pretty much

see my point of view more interesting

and what it's like not having hair at 21

to have more on your mind

thanks for letting me see on

best easier a comment and

subscribe would not forget me

are very happy and support me and

accordingly I wish you a

good day because whatever it is you guys are doing


The reactions to hair loss described above can cause a feeling of desperation and a desperate person can make impulsive and unwise decisions.

The fixation can be accompanied by a form of depression. For example, men who suffer from hair loss in different parts of the head may fixate on a specific area (e.g. the crown). Fixation on a specific area prevents them from seeing their hair loss as a whole.

It is not surprising that some men are jealous of their girlfriends who have a head full of hair.

Although hair loss is common in men, men can feel isolated and alone. Traditionally, expressing feelings and concerns is considered non-malelike. The open expression of feelings is considered weakness.

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