Is it possible to stop hair loss?

My report on hair loss and hair care.

"I'm Frank and I suffer from Hair Loss". This is probably how I would have presented myself in a support group for like-minded people if I had the courage. Since I prefer to share my experiences in a somewhat anonymous manner and express my frustrations about hair loss, I created this article. I hope to encourage others in similar situations. Because I finally got my hair loss under control!

Several doctors I've seen over the years for my hair loss have summarily cited "genetic predisposition" as the reason for my increasing baldness. Full stop. I just had to accept that. But it's not in my nature to sit idly by and watch my hair loss get worse and my hairline move further and further back. But I'll start at the beginning, with an overview of the dangers to my hair.

Around my twenties, when I started my studies, the first signs started to show. I was losing more hair than experts considered normal. Normal" is a hair loss of up to 100 hairs per day, a number I clearly exceeded during this period (by the way, this was already visible without counting). It became more and more noticeable on my head, even to others. Small bays formed in the beginning, which later became more and more obvious. The hair on the front of my head became thinner and looser, making it harder and harder to hide. It was then that I realized that I would not accept further deterioration to the point of baldness.

I began a long search for solutions, first on my own. I ended up with the usual cosmetics against hair loss. Unfortunately, the promised reduction of hair loss failed to materialize. The next step was to take regular high doses of zinc and biotin. It is said that when hair loss occurs, the biotin supply needs to be replenished. Maybe a solution for some of you, but at least not for me.

I then visited several dermatologists, including specialists in hair problems. Most of them told me that I was suffering from hereditary hair loss. I was then prescribed a chemical medication before any further detailed investigations had been carried out. Since I was suffering significantly from hair problems at the time, I decided to go for a drug called Propecia.

The fact that the tablets had to be taken daily for a lifetime and that there were also many, sometimes very strong side effects (e.g. sexual), did not deter me at the time. In hindsight, that was a naive mistake. In the course of using it, I experienced many of the side effects. Especially the negative sexual side effects (erection problems) were terrible after a few months of taking it. Also, my eyes were constantly dry. And when the hair loss didn't decrease either, I decided to stop using this product after 14 months.

After that I refrained from ever using chemicals against hair loss again. Because of these negative experiences, I have decided that this kind of intervention in the human body is really too intense. It is no longer an option for me.

Can you stop hair loss?

A doctor told me about the positive effects of Factorhair. Factor Hair Activator consists to 100% from natural constituents and is therefore free of unwanted side effects. The unique molecule MKMS24 effectively prevents new hair loss and promotes new growth to replenish bald and thinning areas. I found his story credible and the connections he explained logical. And since it was a natural substance, I decided to follow his advice. Alongside this, I became involved with natural amino acids on bodily processes, including hair growth.

Unfortunately, amino acids as dietary supplements for various applications have so far been considered effective and useful mainly outside Europe (USA and Asia). In Europe, they are mainly considered as power food for the fitness muscles. Nevertheless, after some research I found such a product (later even several others). Since then I take a daily mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals (Juvel-5) and achieve positive effects!

I noticed the first good signs after about three to four months, and after about a year the hair loss had stopped completely. It has remained that way until today. My body is again supplied with sufficient amino acids so that all important nutrients can reach my hair completely. I am talking about completely natural amino acids and therefore have no side effects, as is often the case with medications.

In addition, the amino acids have some other positive effects on my health and I feel much better, even apart from my hair. I sleep longer and therefore have more energy. I will therefore continue to take the amino acids for the time being. If you are looking for information about amino acids in general and hair growth in particular, the site is highly recommended. As far as I can tell, the information is good and independent. I can highly recommend the site.

Since I no longer have to fear hair loss, I go through life much more relaxed. Of course, I realize that I will never have a full head of hair again, but I can live with that. Unfortunately, (genetic) science is not yet at the point where it can offer a cure for new hair growth.

All the more important, in my opinion, to act quickly in case of hair lossto be able to preserve the remaining hairs.

I've gotten used to my sporty short haircut and thanks to my regained confidence, I approach people (especially Women) to. Of course, I often find myself comparing myself to men with lots of hair. But at the end of the day, I'm glad to be able to look in a mirror again without realizing that my hair loss has gotten worse. So in the end, thanks to natural amino acids, I put an end to my hair problems before they destroyed me.

I hope that anyone reading this who also suffers from hair loss will be motivated by my story to not give up!

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