Stop hair loss women

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Stop hair loss in women

Hair Loss Women: Of course, the Hair Loss also occur in women. Apart from the difference in hormonal structure, the hair structure in women is the same as in men. The causes of hair loss are often the same. Hair loss occurs in the same way. But there are also differences. Especially in the way they deal with the recognition of hair loss. Women often act consciously much earlier and their fear of losing many Hair is usually larger than the average man. However, the solutions that can be used are often an extension of each other. The use of dietary supplements such as Amino acids is used for both men and women.

Women's pleural baldness:

A special form of the incomplete Baldness is the "Alopecia Areata Atropins". It occurs mainly in women between 30 and 60 years of age and starts inconspicuously with small hairless patches and a red, shiny scalp. This form of hair loss is slowly progressive and - in contrast to the frequent growth of new hair with normal alopecia areata - permanently. The hair - including the roots - is really destroyed here. A Treatment is therefore much needed.

Diffuse hair loss in women

Diffuse hair loss in women occurs when the density of hair decreases over the entire head. When brushing the hair, many hairs stick to the fingers. Abnormally large hair loss occurs when more than 80-100 hairs are lost per day, over several weeks. This type of hair loss is a common phenomenon and occurs more often in women than in men.

Diffuse hair loss in women
Diffuse hair loss in women

Diffuse hair loss in women can have many causes, which unfortunately still need to be thoroughly researched. If the hair loss has been occurring for less than 6 months (acute diffuse hair loss), the causes may include recent (flu-like) infections, surgery under general anesthesia, crash diets or childbirth.

If the hair loss persists for a period of more than 6 months, acute or chronic infections or Stress as a cause of hair loss in question. It is known that certain medications can also cause diffuse hair loss. In addition, metabolic disorders such as protein or vitamin deficiency, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism and other abnormalities can also cause hair loss. There is no single method of diagnosis, as many factors can be responsible for diffuse hair loss. If any nutritional deficiencies are compensated for, the hair loss usually stops itself (e.g. through the targeted supply of proteins/amino acids, vitamins, etc.).

Hair loss in women

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