Stop hair loss women

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Stop hair loss in women

Hair Loss Women: Of course, hair loss also occurs in women. Apart from the difference in hormonal structure, the hair structure in women is the same as in men. The causes of hair loss are often the same. Hair loss occurs in the same way. But there are also differences. Especially in the way they deal with the recognition of hair loss. Women often act aware much earlier and their fear of losing a lot of hair is usually greater than the average man. However, the solutions that can be used are often an extension of each other. The use of supplements such as. Amino acids is used for both men and women.

Women's pleural baldness:

A special form of patchy baldness is the "Alopecia Areata Atropins". It occurs mainly in women between 30 and 60 years of age and starts inconspicuously with small hairless patches and a red, shiny scalp. This form of hair loss is slowly progressive and - in contrast to the frequent growth of new hair with normal alopecia areata - permanently. The hair - including the roots - is really destroyed here. A Treatment is therefore much needed.

Diffuse hair loss in women

Diffuse hair loss in women occurs when the density of hair decreases over the entire head. When brushing the hair, many hairs stick to the fingers. Abnormally large hair loss occurs when more than 80-100 hairs are lost per day, over several weeks. This type of hair loss is a common phenomenon and occurs more often in women than in men.

Diffuse hair loss in women
Diffuse hair loss in women

Diffuse hair loss in women can have many causes, which unfortunately still need to be thoroughly researched. If the hair loss has been occurring for less than 6 months (acute diffuse hair loss), the causes may include recent (flu-like) infections, surgery under general anesthesia, crash diets or childbirth.

If the hair loss persists for a period of more than 6 months, acute or chronic infections or Stress as a cause of hair loss in question. It is known that certain medications can also cause diffuse hair loss. In addition, metabolic disorders such as protein or vitamin deficiency, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism and other abnormalities can also cause hair loss. There is no single method of diagnosis, as many factors can be responsible for diffuse hair loss. If any nutritional deficiencies are compensated for, the hair loss usually stops itself (e.g. through the targeted supply of proteins/amino acids, vitamins, etc.).

Hair loss in women

HAIR LOSS in women - Which remedies really help? How ... ▼

HAIR LOSS in women - Which remedies really help? How do I stimulate hair growth?

Hey guys! This video is about a topic that has unfortunately been with me for a long time. It's about hair loss in women, to be more specific: Genetic hair loss. We women can also suffer from our hair falling out. The best way to fight it is to know why the hair falls out in the first place. Exactly at these places you can start. In the video I tell you what I did to stimulate hair growth and regrow my hair. Do remedies and tablets like Minoxidil really help? Everything you can do to get rid of hair loss, you can find here 🙂

hello and welcome tsum one
channel I want to talk to you today about
hair loss talk why hair loss
because I find that with women, it's just
far too little is said about it, so
with men it's just kind of there
there is much more talk about it since
you know much more about it and
but for women it is much less and
coconuts, and that's why I want to be
talk a case over
and I want to do that because
myself for probably five years or so
and also already have calic I didn't really have that kind of...
really really bald but so
that you're really completely the
scalp and has since seen
I'm actually pretty good at this.
Yes, I want you
of course, in any case, the things
I've done with it.
my hair grow and probably
or hopefully you will
it's that most of the time.
people actually the same house full
and that's threatening genetic
house case
so that means there has to be
genetic predisposition to be virtually where
your body is destined to be
or rather your hair roots over
sensitive to dht
testosterone is converted into dht the
goes to the hair follicles and they come
but they do not react well to this
hypersensitive shrink further and further
shrink shrink shrink to
at some point no one fits through and unfortunately
it comes then also sometime to it
that the root of the hair completely falls off
but if you intervene first and
that you can actually quite
treat sb./sth. well
yes with me it has also been the case
has that I have this hair loss
most people have this
budget it's about now that
I've been like this for, like, a year.
really do something about it and I'll stay
you here times a picture like mine
hair now look straight so like
many have already grown back and I
you can really tell
but here are now also just again
growing back everywhere, and yes, I'm here
you might be able to make it a
a little bit then we come now
also simply already times to the tips
i really got me some good tips on the
start so the first tip is on each
case leaves a top program or a
trick scam make that you do at the
dermatologist and there can be determined
whether you house case have which house at
you have and what on your scalp
is actually going on right now
so the trio the program goes like this
that the dermatologist would give you such a
small place so about like the
small finger so big becomes one
taken from the hair and the
skin roots and the skin so is with
a simple piece of head but is zero
vote because you stun it and that does
not hurt and it's really only quite
small so you have maybe three
days something from and
actor david anhalt looked at what it was
with the hair root going on how is there the
state must sometimes it can soon become
example also from a fungal infestation
come that is also excluded there
and on top of that.
blood is taken and there is then still
see if maybe
has any other vitamin deficiency
or whether the house was still occupied by something
can be triggered by other factors and
trigos like it is so there was with me
even so very small place of the hand
in the back where you can actually see
shaved and then was and photo
with one of those things then I
that should describe
and then three days later you have to
back there and then another photo
and there you can read
how many hairs just in the
growth phase are how many fail
and yes basically you can see there how
the failure is just current so whether
grow out more hair or more hair
that is already super important simple
to know exactly what it is
everything has so it has me on every
case and after that you can
then of course further research
which I also used I just
just said that especially stress
with me also a trigger is that is
but generally so with hair loss stress
increases the concentration of
certain substances in the body that hold
to care for hair loss so lasts
stress short on it is all right
but if you're going to be around for a long time.
stress then the whole thing becomes harmful
for the body and in today's
...society is, unfortunately...
that most of us are so under
permanent stress stand if that is school
or university or work the household
and are not, however.
thousand things to think about and
actually we all have stress all the time
and that's why it's super important
reduce and if now not
can then reduce in any case
see if you can handle the stress
so I, for example, I
do yoga all the time now or I
meditate yes so I am myself
mega stress sensitive and I try
just handle it better now and
that actually works until now also
quite good
So I told you guys
also this the program and jerseys
liked to have done at the dermatologist
and he also gave me two things
prescribed for my house case to
a minox idil that is so far the yes
the only active ingredient that really
at home because helps and for that
I'll take this one, it's organic.
whether they had the that's just such a
spray that you feel then in the evening
always also massaged the scalp that way
I sort of did that as a cure.
for three months and after that
the distances extended
then I don't have this every night
made but every two days and now
in the meantime I only do the
day before i wash my hair
so i was like every three days the
hair and then the night before i do
me that on the scalp nauen
oxidized causes the scalp
is better supplied with blood and that the
hair roots open up again so i
I was just telling you that
the hair roots of the dhc smaller
and then at some point no longer
can get through and minox idil
has caused the hair follicles again
and that again new hairs
be thereby enhanced
the only problem with the application
Sync and corrections by n17t01
once you put that down your hair can
so it's probably like
a lifelong thing
unfortunately and the other problem is that
you first time the hair continues to fall out
so after about so four to
six weeks experience you on every
fall out more hair until you
then eventually grow back but so
Believe me, it's worth it.
just hang in there and keep going
because after this you really grow a lot of
hair again after so i have show
you here again a photo as it is with
me after the application of minox idil
I just really had one of those
real hedgehog up here
and yes so that means so psychically on
happy in the beginning when you're already so...
blatant hair loss has and then still
more out but stay tuned and as
second tincture I got from my
dermatologist alpha trial get the
causes the testosterone to even
not first converted into the ht that is
some tincture where female hormones
are in there right now.
not just tell you which ones I'm writing
but that in any case all also still
times in the infobox
and you just prevented that from happening.
that dht can be formed at all
which then afterwards the hair follicles
so that stops this
process and that I have supported
then still to - she taken from you
but I actually only have three
months and then discontinued
but I want to go back to the
dermatologist and prescribe me this again
just to see if
sometime notice stark difference
or not because, as you can see.
we're still growing the
hair again neat after so yes there
I want to test in any case again
whether it makes that much difference
or not
another big point is definitely
case the diet for hair loss when
you eat like crap then it can
be that yours fall out
especially if you've had
Some kind of genetic predisposition
and then you don't have your body
well approaches yes what does he help first
naturally the hair
therefore from me as a tip feeds you
in any case anti-inflammatory pays attention
...that you've got a lot of...
eating anti-inflammatory things or
drinks the for example the golden
milk and yes less
proinflammatory than small
for example, pro-inflammatory are under
other dairy products and meat
there you must but in any case yes stop
simply self-reflect how nourished
you are and sometimes that has already
little things like that
then you can, for example, just in the morning
drink the golden milk or in the evening
or barley grass that's also pretty
yes that would but now in any case
go beyond the scope of the video if your
to hear about it again then can
I in any case like to do more
in the video because I've been working for about
year and a half my diet
I've completely changed and
is doing much better since then
yes, and then we come to
my last tip and it will be
probably a bit controversial
be because the last tips are
nutritional supplements
I have in any case times a few
that you can participate in at home
you can for example vitamin c high
take dosed that is namely for
responsible that the iron at all
the hair root comes and maybe have
you ever heard that when you
iron deficiency then you can also
have hair loss yes that's why it can be
in any case be good for you if
her vitamin c takes best one takes
then still in the combination with opc
that is responsible for the fact that more
collagen is formed and that is
also responsible for ensuring that the
hair root is protected from therefore and
just the combination is pretty good
for the hair then you have certainly
Have you ever heard of
most of us actually a vitamin
have d3 deficiency
vitamin d3 is only produced via the
sun made and the sun's rays
meet on our skin and we walk
the sunlight amin the three come there
but here in germany we do not
have enough sun actually have
almost all of us
a vitamin d3 deficiency yes and since vitamin
d3 for quite a few things with us in the
bodies are responsible, it is worthwhile to
to see if you can find
should no longer ingest but
just with the hair loss it is so
that vitamin d3 influences the hair cycle
can extend that means that the hair
not fail so quickly and the
that's why we're going to have
then the last group you know
probably all those who somehow already
were looking for something at home or something
a little bit of reading that the
vitamin b there are a lot of them
and they're all pretty good for
which is why I would advise that you keep
such a combination preparation takes I have to the
example of such a combination preparation vitamin b
101 I think, and they're all in there and
especially is there beauty exactly the
b-vitamins ensure that the
metabolism in the scalp again
is stimulated, and besides, it's a
inflammation that is the scalp or rather
said everything in our body will
protected anyway, and besides, the
b vitamins good for the nerves and
especially with stress-related haus because
yes the b vitamins are recommended like
I mean, most of us have the
other genetic hair loss where
stress is just pretty counterproductive
that's why the b vitamins are so important.
case recommended
Yeah, I'm definitely hoping
could help you with the video and
that he will soon be able to ride
crookedly hoped
I will write to you all in any case
infos again in the infobox and the
preparations I use I linked
you guys again yes if you still
have questions write the 1
the comments there I answer very
gladly and if you still have tips then
let you also super happy because I
always very like new things
try it out and otherwise see us
maybe hopefully in the next video
if you subscribe

Bio-H-Tin Minoxidil:
Vitamin B complex from Fairvital:​
Vitamin C complex from Fairvital:
Vitamin D3:​ (You should always take vitamin K2 for this).

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