Does Corona have an effect on hair loss?

Hans van Montfort is a doctor and researcher. In recent years he has focused on skin and hair health, and this time he is exploring whether Corona has an impact on Hair Loss has.

The first questions about whether Corona can cause hair loss are now being asked. I have predicted before that some time after the crisis more people will suffer from hair loss.

What the hairdresser will see is what is called acute telogen effluvium. This causes the hair to get stuck in the telogen, resting phase in the hair growth cycle and the new hairs do not have the strength to grow. Both a febrile illness, such as Corona, and stressful situations can provoke this. This does not mean that everyone who is ill also gets hair loss. The real cause is unknown.

Usually this form of hair loss goes away on its own. But sometimes it turns into the chronic form, especially if there are residual symptoms of the disease or chronic stress. Another factor is age. Most people who get/receive Corona are 65+. In them, age-related hair loss also plays a role and is more likely to develop into a chronic form.

What can you do?

Good information is important. A healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and exercise is important for the quality of hair. I personally always recommend extra vitamin D3 and K2 because almost everyone in Germany has this deficiency. These vitamins are also important for hair growth.

Hair growth can also be stimulated with a serum like Factor Hair be supported, which is applied to the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. This is for people who want to get through the acute phase faster and prevent the formation of the chronic form of telogen effluvium. It is a real boost to the quality of the hair.

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