7 Tips to Stop Hair Loss Effectively With Home Remedies

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Home remedy against hair loss

Home remedy against hair loss

The hair clears and it does not mat­ter whether the affect­ed per­son is younger or old­er. The sign of hair loss is giv­en.

In addi­tion to Factor Hair, which allows new hair to grow con­tin­u­ous­ly, there are of course also house­hold reme­dies that sup­port the hair loss.
Below are some tips on heal­ing bud­gets that assist in using Factor Hair Activator, the treat­ment of hair loss.

Home remedies for hair loss

Hair deter­gents con­tain­ing a high pro­por­tion of per­fume, for exam­ple, should not be used and dis­con­tin­ued. The fenu­greek prepa­ra­tion avail­able in the phar­ma­cy can be used very well for a cure.
Any kind of hair loss should also be exam­ined by the fam­i­ly doc­tor first, as it can often only be the symp­tom of a under­ly­ing defi­cien­cy or dis­ease.

Fresh chick­en egg and wheat germ oil can be mixed and admin­is­tered once a week. The pro­teins and vit­a­mins con­tained are said to strength­en the hair roots and scalp.
Dandruff and tum­my for­ma­tion of the scalp, which in turn leads to hair loss, is formed by increased stress. Here, for exam­ple, prod­ucts with tea tree oil help, which restore the bal­ance of the scalp and nor­mal­ize the for­ma­tion of sebum.

A hair ton­ic made of box­wood leaves can also be used to strength­en the hair and the hair root.

Animal fats, alco­hol, cof­fee, sug­ar-based bev­er­ages, white flour prod­ucts, black tea, the use of too much sug­ar, car­bon­at­ed water and high fat dairy prod­ucts acid­i­fy the body and cause hair loss. Therefore, it is rec­om­mend­ed to pay atten­tion to the diet. And vit­a­min or min­er­al defi­cien­cies can cause hair loss, e.g. zinc defi­cien­cy.

Iron defi­cien­cy is also a com­mon cause of hair loss. Consider a suf­fi­cient intake of fer­rous foods, or coun­ter­act the defi­cien­cy with appro­pri­ate body prod­ucts from the phar­ma­cy. If min­er­al defects are sus­pect­ed, a fam­i­ly doc­tor should always be con­sult­ed before start­ing self-med­ica­tion. In case of doubt, the fam­i­ly doc­tor can con­firm the sus­pi­cion or find that there is no defi­cien­cy and thus pre­vent over­dos­es!

Beer should also work won­ders: add 12 cup of beer to your hair once a week, and let it work and rinse like a rinse. This not only works against hair loss, but also increas­es hair vol­ume in peo­ple who are not affect­ed by hair loss – often even more effec­tive­ly than cor­re­spond­ing vol­ume care rins­es from the drug­store range.

And final­ly, a lit­tle tip from grand­moth­er’s fam­i­ly med­i­cine trea­sure: A small cuff of pars­ley is chopped and put into a bowl and cov­ered with hot water. The next day, place the pars­ley in a small saucepan with 900 ml of water. Simmer this mix­ture for 20 min­utes over a light heat with a saucepan. Then remove the pars­ley over the sieve and give the cold pars­ley hair cure against hair loss over the already washed hair, mas­sage and nev­er rinse.

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