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Reduce hair loss by more than 90%! Also increase new hair growth by 93%, thanks to the unique active ingre­di­ent com­plex MKMS24.


Thanks to the lat­est tech­nolo­gies in the field of med­ical tech­nol­o­gy and bio­chem­istry, this unique active ingre­di­ent has been derivat­ed to devel­op the spe­cial Factor Hair for­mu­la — a for­mu­la that deliv­ers on its promis­es.

The MKMS24 mol­e­cule is derived from lentils, thyme and bam­boo and is there­fore 100% nat­ur­al. The active sub­stance MKMS24 stim­u­lates hair growth direct­ly at the root and inhibits the enzyme 5‑reductase II, which forms DHT from testos­terone. DHT is the cause of one of the most com­mon forms of hair loss, andro­ge­net­ic alope­cia.

The hair cycli­cal­ly goes through 3 growth phas­es, each last­ing three to five years. Of course, not all hairs go through this cycle at the same time, but each hair runs this cycle in itself time-delayed to the oth­er hairs. This three-phase cycle repeats itself again and again. How often this hap­pens is genet­i­cal­ly pre­de­ter­mined, just like our hair length. This is a nat­ur­al process and not a cause for con­cern. The loss of 100–200 hairs per day is con­sid­ered nor­mal and is not per­cep­ti­ble to the naked eye.

If the nat­ur­al cycle is short­ened by nutri­ent defi­cien­cy or the influ­ence of the hor­mone dihy­drotestos­terone (DHT), increased to com­plete hair loss can occur. Often the hair loss begins creep­ing. First, the hair gets thin­ner and thin­ner. A sign that the hair is no longer opti­mal­ly sup­plied with nutri­ents. Hair loss, with light and bald spots, is usu­al­ly only noticed when it is already more advanced.

Thanks to MKMS24, this process can not only be slowed down, but even reversed.

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The hair cycle is divid­ed into 3 phas­es: ana­gen, kata­gen and tel­o­gen.

The ana­genic phase: In the first and longest phase, the hair length­ens dai­ly for 3–5 years.

The cat­alyt­ic phase: In this phase, the hair fol­li­cle shrinks and detach­es from the blood sup­ply in the scalp and tran­si­tions into a kind of rest­ing state. This phase lasts only a few weeks.

The tel­o­gene phase: During the tran­si­tion to this last phase of hair growth, the hair fol­li­cle trig­gers the hair shaft and the hair fails.

A healthy fol­li­cle regen­er­ates nat­u­ral­ly and recon­nects to the blood con­nec­tion of the scalp to form a new hair shaft. If the nutri­ent sup­ply is not opti­mal or dihy­drotestos­terone (DHT) pre­vents the recon­nec­tion, then the hair dilutes and does not regen­er­ate as usu­al.

MKMS24 thus ensures that the ana­gen phase, the first and longest growth phase in the hair cycle, is pro­longed and the tel­o­gen phase, the phase in which the hair shaft dis­solves and falls out, is short­ened. In addi­tion, Factor Hair Activator opti­mal­ly sup­plies your hair with all the nutri­ents it needs to ful­ly regen­er­ate.

Thanks to its unique for­mu­la, Factor Hair Activator allows you to stop fur­ther hair loss and restore already thinned hair to its orig­i­nal strength and full­ness.

RESEARCH RESULTS — Positive effect on genes

In a clin­i­cal study, the effect of four dif­fer­ent plant extracts on gene expres­sion in hair fol­li­cles was inves­ti­gat­ed. MKMS24 was processed into a neu­tral prod­uct in this study, which was applied to the scalp of sub­jects over 3 weeks, in the morn­ing and in the evening. Before and after the treat­ment, more than a dozen fol­li­cles were tak­en and ana­lyzed, includ­ing 30 genes that are specif­i­cal­ly crit­i­cal for hair phys­i­ol­o­gy.

The results showed a pos­i­tive change in gene expres­sion of fibrob­last growth fac­tor 7 (FGF7) and nog­gin, as well as genes involved in hair pig­men­ta­tion. Both genes were strong­ly acti­vat­ed by the MKMS24.

FGF7 and nog­gin pro­teins are sig­nal com­pounds that are impor­tant for induc­ing a new hair growth phase. While nog­gin inhibits the activ­i­ty of “bone mor­pho­genet­ic pro­tein 4” (BMP4), which plays an oppres­sive role in the tran­si­tion of the tel­o­gen phase back to the ana­gen phase, FGF7 helps instruct the hair germ cells to mul­ti­ply and ini­ti­ate a new hair cycle.

The expres­sion of FGF7 was increased by 62% after three weeks of treat­ment and 89% of nog­gin. FGF7 was stim­u­lat­ed in 8 and nog­gin in 13 out of a total of 15 sub­jects, which have a pos­i­tive effect on hair growth.

RESEARCH RESULTS — Positive effect on hair growth

In anoth­er study, 7% MKMS24 extract was processed into a neu­tral prod­uct and test­ed on a total of 17 sub­jects, 7 female and 10 males. The test prod­uct was applied twice a day for a peri­od of 20 weeks a day to a defined zone on the scalp. Using a so-called “pho­totricogram”, the treat­ed scalp areas were pho­tographed up close before and after the test phase. They were then eval­u­at­ed using spe­cial soft­ware to ana­lyze hair growth and the num­ber of hair fol­li­cles.

Two days lat­er, the shaved zone was pho­tographed again to ver­i­fy the amount of hair fol­li­cles in the growth phase (ana­gen hair).

The scalp areas treat­ed with the MKMS24 extract showed an increased den­si­ty of ana­gen­hair (+ 21.7) and decreased den­si­ty of tel­o­gen­haar (-36.3). At the begin­ning of the 20-week treat­ment, a slight­ly increased hair loss with about 22 tel­o­gen hair was found in the probantes. At the end of the study, only about 12 tel­o­gen hairs were found in the same zone.

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