My struggle with hair loss

My name is Frank, and I've been fighting my Hair Loss. At the beginning not very intense, rather in a rather naive way. Then it became more and more intense and structured. I suspect that this is a recognizable learning process for many people with hair loss.

Below is an overview of the different phases I went through in my fight against hair loss:

2003-2007: The hair loss becomes clearly visible. In the mirror you can see the inevitable signs of baldness. Friends begin to notice and occasionally make "funny" remarks. During this time, the ever-growing receding hairline can be easily hidden with the help of a good hairdresser and a suitable haircut. However, the hair loss is becoming more and more visible to everyone. I don't feel psychologically affected by it at the moment.

2008: First attempt at self-medication with the help of a special hair lotion and hair tonic from the pharmacy. Massaged into the scalp for a few minutes every time after showering. After a few months: no result.

2008/2009: I use biotin and zinc in high doses. Unfortunately, this does not help; the hair loss is getting worse.

2009/2010: I also use a special shampoo and a liquid (ampoules) from the pharmacy to use after washing my hair. Both products are from a well-known French cosmetic brand. Despite considerable investment, I can't see any results after six months. Even the biotin and zinc do not stop hair loss, so I no longer use these products.

2010/2011: I visit a dermatologist for the first time. I had thought of it as a last resort. Actually, I went too late, but I have always been ashamed to go to the doctor for this "vain" problem. Anyway, I was prescribed (synthetic/chemical) medications by several doctors. I also visited a homeopath and he prescribed homeopathic remedies which also had no effect. After doubting for a while, I went to the pharmacy and got Propecia (active ingredient: Finasteride, 1 mg). Not exactly cheap and for daily use for life, but it seemed worth a try.

2011: I suffer from the strong Side effects of Propecia. Constantly dry eyes. During the year I suffer increasingly from potency and erection problems. I have little desire for sex and have trouble getting (and keeping) an erection. Unfortunately, the hair loss continues unabated. Since the results would supposedly not be noticeable until a year after taking the medication, I continue to take it.

Early 2012: I stop taking Propecia. The hair loss didn't stop for me. And even worse were the side effects on my sex life. I'd rather be bald than have a life without great sex and all sorts of vague health issues.

Summer 2012: A doctor points me out natural amino acids and their positive effect on various bodily processes. Interesting detail: this doctor is not a hair specialist. He advised me to take amino acids in addition to my normal diet. In particular, the amino acids L-arginine and L-glutamine are believed to play an important role in the hair growth cycle. After a long search I find a suitable supplement with the correct composition and good quality.

End of 2012: I can clearly see (among other things in the shower drain) that I lose less hair. This must be due to the natural amino acids because I haven't changed my diet or my lifestyle.

Mid to late 2013: For several months I lost significantly less than 80 hairs per day. The hair loss has stabilized or stopped. As many hairs grow as come out. In general, I feel better now; I have more energy, can concentrate better, and sleep much better than before. I also feel better mentally now that I don't have to worry about my hair all the time. Besides reducing the actual problem, hair loss, these are all positive effects of the natural amino acids.

2014: I reduce the dosage of Juvel-5 from 2x2 capsules to 2x1 capsules per day. Everything is still stable. Fortunately, the hair loss is not suddenly increasing again. Apart from that, I still feel good.

2015: I am still very happy with the results I have achieved with my hair. I usually only take 1 capsule a day now because the supplement makes me feel so fit, so I like to keep using it. I suppose it doesn't matter to my hair whether I stop taking the amino acids or not. But I feel good with it as it is.

2017: My hair is still doing well. It's just a shame I didn't discover amino acids sooner and start taking the supplement sooner. Then I could have limited the damage earlier. But overall, I'm very happy with my hair and with my hairstyle as it is now. And I'm very happy that I don't have to walk around bald.

2020: I was told by an acquaintance Factor Hair Activator for Men recommended. She works in a hospital near Frankfurt, in Germany, and years ago conducted a study on a new remedy for migraine. It was noticed that all the subjects who used the new drug suffered from their eyebrows becoming so bushy after 6 weeks. So the active ingredient MKMS24 found in Factor Hair Activator is included. I've been using it since April 2020 and what can I say, the hair growth has already increased significantly after a few weeks and it still works.

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