Pregnancy And Hair Loss

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Pregnancy And Hair Loss

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy!

One of the major changes is change with the hair like oth­er parts of the bd. It could thin or fall out, or it could also thick­en. Understanding why this hap­pens dur­ing preg­nan­cy and what you can do to help the prob­lem will help you in fight­ing the thin­ning and loss of your hair or with extra hair growth.

Hormones have lot of effects on your hair. The main rea­son your hair will change dur­ing preg­nan­cy is the change in hor­mones. Estrogen plays a large part in the way that your hair is shaped. If your hair begins to grow faster and becomes thick­er, it is most like­ly because there is an increased amount of estro­gen that is mov­ing through your body. Estrogen moves to the hair fol­li­cles in your body to increase the growth rate. There will also be extra nutri­ents that are pro­vid­ed from the estro­gen increase, which will also increase hair growth. This is usu­al­ly a result of the estro­gen allow­ing the metab­o­lism to move faster, which then sup­plies extra nutri­ents through­out the body.

Another change that you may notice from preg­nan­cy is a change in the style. Your hair may not only be fuller or thin­ner, but may also change from straight to curly, or have the oppo­site effect. This is usu­al­ly attrib­uted to the hor­mone changes as well. The hor­mone increase that you expe­ri­ence will auto­mat­i­cal­ly move into the cor­tex, where hair begins to grow and add the tex­ture to it. Usually, this will not change back until the hor­mones return to nor­mal after preg­nan­cy.

These same changes also occur after your baby is born. You may real­ize that your hair is thin­ning or falling out. Usually, the first three to six months after preg­nan­cy will cause a change in your hair. This should be expect­ed and is nor­mal after a preg­nan­cy. This usu­al­ly occurs because the estro­gen lev­els are able to move back to nor­mal and slow down the nutri­ents that are mov­ing through your body.

If your hair falls out dur­ing preg­nan­cy, it’s because of not receiv­ing the nutri­ents your body needs. Without those essen­tial nutri­ents, your body is unable to pro­duce the amount of estro­gen it needs. One of the things to be aware of is if your hair falls out dur­ing your preg­nan­cy. If this occurs, it is most like­ly a result of not receiv­ing enough nutri­ents for your body to pro­duce the right amounts of estro­gen. This is espe­cial­ly a prob­lem with­in the first trimester because of morn­ing sick­ness and nau­sea. It is impor­tant to make sure that you are get­ting the right amounts of nutri­ents dur­ing this time to allow your body to stay bal­anced.

How I Coped With Extreme Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Knowing what changes your body goes through dur­ing preg­nan­cy will help you adjust your hair rou­tine to keep it healthy. Additional vit­a­mins and oth­er sup­ple­ments will help your hair and scalp healthy and your hair beau­ti­ful.

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