Pregnancy And Hair Loss

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Pregnancy And Hair Loss

First of all congratulations on your pregnancy!

One of the major changes is change with the hair like oth­er parts of the bd. It could thin or fall out, or it could also thick­en. Understanding why this hap­pens dur­ing preg­nan­cy and what you can do to help the prob­lem will help you in fight­ing the thin­ning and loss of your hair or with extra hair growth.

Hormones have lot of effects on your hair. The main rea­son your hair will change dur­ing preg­nan­cy is the change in hor­mones. Estrogen plays a large part in the way that your hair is shaped. If your hair begins to grow faster and becomes thick­er, it is most like­ly because there is an increased amount of estro­gen that is mov­ing through your body. Estrogen moves to the hair fol­li­cles in your body to increase the growth rate. There will also be extra nutri­ents that are pro­vid­ed from the estro­gen increase, which will also increase hair growth. This is usu­al­ly a result of the estro­gen allow­ing the metab­o­lism to move faster, which then sup­plies extra nutri­ents through­out the body.

Another change that you may notice from preg­nan­cy is a change in the style. Your hair may not only be fuller or thin­ner, but may also change from straight to curly, or have the oppo­site effect. This is usu­al­ly attrib­uted to the hor­mone changes as well. The hor­mone increase that you expe­ri­ence will auto­mat­i­cal­ly move into the cor­tex, where hair begins to grow and add the tex­ture to it. Usually, this will not change back until the hor­mones return to nor­mal after preg­nan­cy.

These same changes also occur after your baby is born. You may real­ize that your hair is thin­ning or falling out. Usually, the first three to six months after preg­nan­cy will cause a change in your hair. This should be expect­ed and is nor­mal after a preg­nan­cy. This usu­al­ly occurs because the estro­gen lev­els are able to move back to nor­mal and slow down the nutri­ents that are mov­ing through your body.

If your hair falls out dur­ing preg­nan­cy, it’s because of not receiv­ing the nutri­ents your body needs. Without those essen­tial nutri­ents, your body is unable to pro­duce the amount of estro­gen it needs. One of the things to be aware of is if your hair falls out dur­ing your preg­nan­cy. If this occurs, it is most like­ly a result of not receiv­ing enough nutri­ents for your body to pro­duce the right amounts of estro­gen. This is espe­cial­ly a prob­lem with­in the first trimester because of morn­ing sick­ness and nau­sea. It is impor­tant to make sure that you are get­ting the right amounts of nutri­ents dur­ing this time to allow your body to stay bal­anced.

How I Coped With Extreme Hair Loss After Pregnancy

hi I’m Aaron I am a new mom before giv­ing birth I felt prett… ▼

hi I’m Aaron I am a new mom before giv­ing birth I felt pret­ty good about my hair it wasn’t my favorite qual­i­ty but it was some­thing that I felt good enough about that it didn’t affect me when I walked out the door but then a few weeks after my daugh­ter was born I start­ed to notice clumps of hair com­ing out in the show­er Here I am almost a year lat­er and I am still deal­ing with post­par­tum hair loss if my hair looks good I usu­al­ly feel good if my hair looks bad I def­i­nite­ly feel it affect­ing my mood and maybe that’s sil­ly or vain to say but I feel like a lot of peo­ple have that expe­ri­ence too on social media I post­ed about my hair loss and I was real­ly sur­prised by how many of my friends and oth­er moms are going through the same thing all of my baby and preg­nan­cy ques­tions I usu­al­ly go to my mom first um I have a ques­tion did you lose your hair when you had me I lost hair but not like you’re strug­gling with its hor­mones there’s not much you can do about it well they have it it was just until lose my hair I know the most impor­tant thing is that I have a hap­py healthy baby so it feels weird to com­plain about hair oth­er peo­ple see you and they’re like you’re crazy you look fine but deep down you feel dif­fer­ent and now you feel guilty it’s real­ly nice to have mom friends that are going through the same thing so that you can just vent hi I’m Lindsay I’m Janine we are all moms and we all have expe­ri­enced this pret­ty much at the same time I remem­ber pulling my hair back and me like oh I’d be fine and work­out class­es with oth­er moms but I would nev­er pull my hair back I just couldn’t do it I had the moment that a lot of peo­ple talked about I had the clump of hair in the show­er my sec­ond time was work so I start­ed tak­ing biotin and I col­la­gen which I think helped so my friend swears by it our hair is like a big part of our iden­ti­ty at least for me it’s like an iden­ti­ty cri­sis what’s crazy as prob­a­bly nobody knows know but it’s in your mind it was like it’s fine I don’t see it I would won­der if there’s any way that you could pre­vent it or strength­en your hair are you only los­ing the hair that you got dur­ing preg­nan­cy or is it oth­er hair and it’s on top of oth­er data ques­tions yeah when I was preg­nant I was so con­cerned about Charlotte and the safe deliv­ery that I know thought to ask these ques­tions before giv­ing birth you spend almost a whole year with your ob/gyn but then the baby comes out and it’s like can I still talk to you about stuff are you the right per­son I think a lot of women feel like as soon as the baby’s born they dis­ap­pear who am I sup­posed to reach out to about this stuff my name is Candace Fraser and I’m a board-cer­ti­fied OBGYN I see my patients from that first preg­nan­cy test to a few weeks after that baby’s born your body goes through a lot of changes dur­ing preg­nan­cy and also after preg­nan­cy and hair loss is just one of them what is post­par­tum hair loss basi­cal­ly just a rever­sal of the change that hap­pened dur­ing preg­nan­cy not as much hair shed­ding so you have a lot of hair just grow­ing and grow­ing and grow­ing and grow­ing and then you have maybe and things change is there a rea­son why some peo­ple expe­ri­ence it more than oth­ers not one that we can tell in par­tic­u­lar say that do this and this won’t hap­pen oth­er moms have said oh if you keep tak­ing the pre­na­tal vit­a­mins that help is that true I always tell my patients even for things they want to try well I don’t think it’s gonna hurt so white when we’ve looked at a lot of vit­a­mins and things like that we don’t have the robust stud­ies that we would want to say for sure this is going to make an improve­ment but it doesn’t hurt does breast­feed­ing make it bet­ter or worse or no effect no effect you men­tioned a few things that I could poten­tial­ly go home and try don’t stress okay take your vit­a­min the dad can be mas­sag­ing her hair yeah it helps in gen­er­al just with you know stim­u­lat­ing fol­li­cles a weight gain and the hem­or­rhoids and the stretch marks and the heart­burn it was for a goal you know this is just part of it it was for a pur­pose for the next month I am going to go back to tak­ing my pre­na­tal vit­a­mins like dr. Cantu sug­gest­ed I’m going to ask for some head mas­sages and I’m going to start tak­ing col­la­gen a lot of peo­ple swear by it col­la­gen my friends for vit­a­mins things like that so I am at the point per­son­al­ly where I’m will­ing to give it a try morn­ing today and we are going to start drink­ing col­la­gen every sin­gle morn­ing I usu­al­ly only have cof­fee and yogurt for break­fast so I guess it’s gonna have to go in my cof­fee Oh gross gross gross gross gross oh you know when you’re sick and like you’re still alive is a lit­tle bit thick­er than usu­al and it coats your throat in a way that makes you like kind of like that Charlotte can you say yucky my friends like to put their col­la­gen in a smooth­ie so I’m gonna whiz one up and see if they’re right because this movie is thick it actu­al­ly masks that weird like smooth thick­ness of the col­la­gen I think it works we’ve been hav­ing fun mak­ing through these in the morn­ing Charlotte gets a lit­tle cup of smooth­ie that doesn’t have col­la­gen in it and then I add the col­la­gen and then that’s it I have what kind of fruit should we do today pulling out the old pre­na­tal vit­a­mins you love can I have a head mas­sage so that my hair grows back I have been tak­ing my vit­a­mins drink­ing the col­la­gen not ask­ing for a head rubs but my hair is not real­ly grow­ing back any faster can see I have like maybe this is like my hair is falling out my main job right now is to be healthy so that I can be the best mom that I can be for my daugh­ter but the sec­ondary goal is to feel like myself again I would love to wake up in the morn­ing and feel con­fi­dent and I haven’t felt that way for a year a lot of these hair loss solu­tions take a real­ly long time to take effect I wish there was a quick fix that I could try today my name is Judy Kaczynski and IO Milano wigs I’ve been wear­ing a wig for 20 years I’m wear­ing a wig think­ing a lot of times expe­ri­ence hair loss your first reac­tion is like I got­ta fix this and either it’s not fix­able or it will cor­rect itself did you expe­ri­ence post­par­tum hair loss at all so I had it with every sin­gle one of my kids both my first kid I thought I was dying you’re like no damn this is dif­fer­ent this is more hair than what they’re just dri­vers the first clump of hair in the show­er yeah get that lump in your throat like oh god some­thing’s real­ly wrong I tell a lot of peo­ple now and I mean in all sin­cer­i­ty wigs are the new exten­sions yes there are a lot of peo­ple are com­ing in that are excit­ing it’s a fun expe­ri­ence for them but yet there are oth­ers that come in like there’s some­thing wrong with me once you can get that out of your head and start think­ing that I am beau­ti­ful it changes your whole per­spec­tive on life and you can start focus­ing on what makes you hap­py what I would say to mom strug­gling with hair loss enjoy your child’s yes for a cou­ple months there could be for a year you’re gonna expe­ri­ence them hair loss but look you can get this dur­ing that time you know I want to try it on you can this secure your Harris is our patent­ed band what it’s gonna do it’s gonna keep your wig in place with­out clips and combs I’m gonna put a lit­tle low­er than your nat­ur­al hair­line I’ll adjust it after I put it on it’s so pret­ty on you it’s on it looks amaz­ing but I’m on I need to see your reac­tion I’m so self-con­scious of right here right so I have the most thin­ning right let’s gonna see myself with a part makes me feel like it’s amaz­ing and the col­or is beau­ti­ful on your face just like pops this is like hair goals for me hear­ing what you have to say about moth­er­hood and con­fi­dence that’s what real­ly stuck with me we all go through things and it’s not some­thing that you know a doc­tor can say you’re not gonna go through you’re gonna go through it every­one goes through it it’s how you deal with it that’s real­ly what you have con­trol over so we’ve tried it all I have had all of my ques­tions answered I have tried every­thing that will­ing to try I didn’t need some­one to nec­es­sar­i­ly fix this for me I just want­ed to feel under­stood I talked to some amaz­ing women and I’m learn­ing that this is such a small piece of my post­par­tum jour­ney I just have to let it go one thing I’m ner­vous about with peo­ple see­ing this video is that I don’t want some­one to see it and be like your hair loss isn’t that bad what are you talk­ing about or mine is so much worse oh god what should I do the most impor­tant thing I want to con­vey is that your post­par­tum jour­ney in your body is valid whether peo­ple can see it or not and it’s some­thing that we should talk about because we’re all going through it if you are suf­fer­ing with post­par­tum hair loss or any hair loss for that mat­ter def­i­nite­ly reach out on Instagram and let us know in the com­ments what part of your mom bod you would like us to talk about next sub­scribe to today to see more play­ful par­ent­ing videos once a week you’re prob­a­bly hid­ing in the bath­room any­way

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Knowing what changes your body goes through dur­ing preg­nan­cy will help you adjust your hair rou­tine to keep it healthy. Additional vit­a­mins and oth­er sup­ple­ments will help your hair and scalp healthy and your hair beau­ti­ful.

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