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With Factor Hair Activator the future of your hair is in your hands.

Factor Hair Activator contains a unique complex of active ingredients that stimulates hair growth and effectively prevents hair loss. Factor Hair Activator revitalizes the hair directly at the root. The result is visibly and noticeably fuller, thicker and healthier hair.

1 bottle of Factor Hair Activator is sufficient for 2 months of use.



The unique active ingredient complex against Hair Loss MKMS24, is obtained from lentils, thyme and bamboo in a new sustainable biotechnological process.

MKMS24 not only combats hair loss directly at the root, but also stimulates new hair growth so that you can soon enjoy fuller and healthier looking hair.

The active ingredient MKMS24 inhibits the enzyme 5α reductase II, which forms dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from testosterone. DHT is the cause of one of the most common forms of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia.

The steady drop wears the stone

We do not promise you miracles, but deliver a clinically proven and effective remedy that requires long-term use. Only routine use according to instructions will help you effectively stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. For the product to have an optimal effect on your hair cycle, the application should not be interrupted.

Do not use shampoos or hair care products containing silicone or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).


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