Sun protection for hair

The perfect sun protection for hair

Too much sun can severely damage the scalp and Hair Loss favour. Hair bleaches in the sun, becomes chapped and brittle. Sunburn on the scalp can seriously damage follicles and the upper layers of the skin. If you love your hair, you should always provide sufficient sun protection in summer.

Why does sun damage skin and hair?

For a long time there has been an increased sensitivity when it comes to the protection of the body skin. The skin cancer rates speak for themselves. Only a few inconsiderate and risk-loving people still expose themselves to the sun indefinitely and without protection.

The sun's UV radiation has become more aggressive due to changes in the Earth's atmosphere in recent decades. Especially we humans in Central Europe have to adapt. Our sun protection is by nature not as good as that of dark-skinned people.

With scalp and hair the newly gained sensitivity strangely enough stops quickly. Too many people still think that hair protects the scalp from sunburn.
That is partly true. Nevertheless, the parting and hairline remain dangerous weak points. If the main hair thins, becomes thinner or has already partially fallen out, sun protection must be used.

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Natural hair loss through sun and heat

In addition to hair loss due to the sun, there is a quite natural increased hair loss in summertime. When temperatures rise, we humans shed our hair, just as many animals do.

Especially towards late summer, there may be more hair in the brush after brushing or combing than is otherwise the case.

In normal people, this natural seasonal hair loss of overall appearance of the hair is not noticeable.

For people affected by hair loss, however, it is. They want to protect the last remaining hair and not lose it through the sun or other factors.

Hair loss due to sunburn

The scalp is one of the most sensitive areas of skin. Normally it is covered by the main hair and to a certain extent protected in a natural way.

People who wear their hair parted, those affected by hair loss or those who are bald can get sunburn on the scalp particularly quickly.

Scalp does not tan as easily as other skin areas. Normally, so-called melanocytes (pigment cells) protect the skin from sunlight.
The number of melanocytes in the skin varies individually. On the scalp and other hidden parts of the body it is significantly lower than on the arms, shoulders or face.

Southern Europeans and dark-skinned people generally have more pigments and therefore better natural protection against the sun. Central and northern Europeans, on the other hand, are simply not made for a permanent stay in the burning sun. The head is particularly at risk due to the almost vertical incidence of the sun's rays.

Aggressive sunlight and UV radiation do not stop at the skin surface. They penetrate to deep layers. There they can cause sensitive damage to stem cells. Stem cells carry the information for optimal renewal of skin and hair cells. Damage in this area can result in lasting disturbances in hair growth and the beauty of the hair. Existing hair is rejected or inferior hair is reproduced. In the worst case, the follicles stop working completely.

Preferably a one-time affair

A sunburn will not immediately cause permanent damage to the scalp and hair. To cause irreversible damage with hair loss, the scalp must be permanently exposed to extreme stress from the sun.

The danger can be gradual. A light sunburn causes no more than a feeling of tension on the scalp. If the sunburn is not recognized as such and taken seriously, the strain continues unhindered.

Anyone who likes to be outdoors a lot in summer, has thin hair and light skin should always think about sufficient sun protection for their hair.

Sun and sea - a dangerous mixture for hair

In addition to the pure UV radiation, salt and chlorinated water also damage the hair and scalp.

Who does not know this, after a bath in the sea the hair is unusually full and grippy.
This may seem pleasant at first. Especially thin hair looks fuller again in this way. In addition, it lies wonderfully styled on the head due to the heavy salt and stays in shape by itself.

But the salt in your hair is dangerous. It draws moisture from the head and dries the scalp. The structure of the hair is roughened and opened for damaging influences.

Experts advise to shower with fresh water immediately after the bath in salt water. Where the sea is wild and no shower is available far and wide, a supply of drinking water in plastic bottles will help. Be careful with tap water in southern countries. Especially in the summertime, tap water also contains a certain amount of chlorine. Therefore it is better to use cheap drinking water from the supermarket.

Chlorine additions and other chemicals in the pool also dry out skin and hair in an unpleasant way. Here too, rinsing with clear water should be done as soon as possible. A natural moisturizing pack in the evening can bring stressed hair back into shape.

The market now offers a wide range of shampoos and care applications especially for the holiday season. The care substances can perfectly draw chlorine and salt from the hair and rinse it out. They also form a protective film to prevent the penetration of harmful substances.

Sun protection spray for the hair

Sun sprays are now also available for hair. In principle, the sprays work just like other sun creams. To a certain extent they block the penetration of the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.

The sprays are composed in such a way that they lie on the scalp and hair like a protective film. Instead of mineral filters, these sprays only use chemical filters. The mineral solutions would weigh down the hair too much.

Good Sunscreen products for the hair do not grease and do not form an oily shiny film. There are also products only for the scalp. These sun creams are applied with a dosage nozzle specifically to the vertex and hairline.

Biological sun protection for hair

Anyone who is sensitive to chemical sun protection sprays does not yet have it so easy at the moment. Up to now there is no purely biologically produced sun protection for hair only. At least not a spray.

Those who wish can spray normal biological sun lotion on the hair and scalp. However, men and women must expect that this will change the fall and smoothness of the hair. To get the sun lotion off your head afterwards, this experiment should only be done with water-soluble sun sprays.

Otherwise, sensitive skin and hair types can use special care products to limit damage. Cures and moisturizing packs strengthen the hair and provide it with plenty of good moisture.

Otherwise there is only one solution for sensitive nature types - cap up and down in the shade!

Sun protection with hats, caps and scarves

Of course the good old sun hat also protects against sunburn on the scalp. But be careful, not all chic and fashionable models are equally suitable as a protective measure in summer.

Wide-meshed straw hats still let too much sunlight through. The situation is quite similar with thin fabric caps or hats.

Even a fancy cloth can cause burns all too quickly. Black scarves, hats and caps attract the sun almost magically.

When the sun is at its strongest or in very hot regions, only special hats and caps with safe UV sun protection can help.

Such models can be found in the high-quality trade for outdoor clothing or at very good hat manufacturers. They are made of particularly tightly woven natural fibres such as cotton, wool or linen and may have a sun-repellent coating.

A Sun hat without special UV protection must not be negligent. Sitting on the beach in the sun for hours on end, a hat or a cap can provide deceptive security.

A sun hat without special UV protection does not protect your head from sunburn and hair loss
A sun hat without special UV protection does not protect your head from sunburn and hair loss

Be careful with metal on your head and sun

Besides the colour black, metal attracts sunrays. Hair clips with metal, accessories on sun hats or glasses with metal parts should be taboo in high sunlight.

The glittering surfaces reflect and intensify the sunlight. At the same time, they can create a real electric voltage on the head. The hair is the perfect receiver for these voltages. In the hair they cause damage and put the scalp under additional stress.

Many manufacturers of hair rubbers and Co. now produce their goods completely free of metals.

Colorations, curling iron and styling in summer

Who suffers from hair lossshould refrain from strenuous styling methods anyway. Chemical hair color can be replaced by natural pigments.

In summer, hair is simply exposed to greater stress. Freshly coloured hair can fade unattractively after sunbathing. In pool water, bleachings can get an unpleasant green tint.

Many cheap hair gels, sprays and styling pastes clog hair pores and the scalp. In summer and at high temperatures, these products often react quite differently than in the cooler season. Gel becomes hard and brittle. The hair cannot sit properly despite hairspray. Those who share these experiences should give their hair a styling break, at least in summer.

Treatments with curling irons, wave irons, a hair dryer (if necessary, blow-dry with a cold hair dryer) or even perms are also stressful.

Natural products and organic hair care is less harmful than chemical products. Summer can be the best time to switch to compatible hair products. The scalp and hair will certainly thank their wearer.

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