The 5 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

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stoppen oder umkehren sie einen zurücktretenden Haaransatz oder Haarausfall

Hair loss is not an uncommon issue for both men and women to face.

In fact, there are a few rea­sons why a per­son may expe­ri­ence this prob­lem: Hair loss. Whether the issue is a reced­ing hair­line or actu­al hair loss, there could very well be a log­i­cal expla­na­tion to the issue. Keep in mind that men are more like­ly to expe­ri­ence a reced­ing hair­line, but men and women can both expe­ri­ence sig­nif­i­cant hair loss caused by cer­tain cul­prits. The fol­low­ing is a list of the top 5 caus­es of hair loss.

If you are expe­ri­enc­ing any of these prob­lems, talk to a doc­tor about ways to stop or reverse a reced­ing hair­line or hair loss.

1. Stress

Stress is a com­mon cause of hair loss. In fact, stress is close­ly relat­ed to three hair loss cul­prits:

  • Telogen efflu­vi­um
  • Alopecia area­ta
  • Trichotillomania

Telogen efflu­vi­um is a con­di­tion in which phys­i­cal or emo­tion­al stress will actu­al­ly cause hair to enter a rest­ing phase. Within a few weeks to a few months, the hair may sud­den­ly seem to fall out by the hand­fuls while wash­ing or brush­ing it. Alopecia area­ta is a con­di­tion that is believed to be caused by dif­fer­ent fac­tors, one of which is stress. This con­di­tion caus­es the hair to stop grow­ing and fall out. Trichotillomania is a term in which a per­son can­not resist the urge to pull hair out of their body, which is usu­al­ly relat­ed to stress, ten­sion, frus­tra­tion and anx­i­ety.

Hair sur­geon Dr. William Yates explains how stress affects hair loss and dis­cuss­es whether a stress­ful expe­ri­ence can cause you to go bald.

This is how stress affects hair loss

2. Iron Deficiency

Studies are reveal­ing that iron defi­cien­cy or ane­mia may be close­ly relat­ed to hair loss. Dermatologists came to this con­clu­sion after they had reviewed research that had been con­duct­ed over the last 40 years regard­ing hair loss in patients with an iron defi­cien­cy. It is now believed that treat­ing a patient with this med­ical issue may actu­al­ly restore hair, pro­mot­ing it to grow back.

Doctors often tell patients that hair loss may be relat­ed to a seri­ous ill­ness. Anyone expe­ri­enc­ing hair loss should fol­low up with their doc­tor for test­ing of ill­ness­es such as ane­mia.

3. Medication

There are sev­er­al types of med­ica­tion that can cause a person’s hair to fall out. These med­ica­tions may be used to treat oth­er con­di­tions, but hair loss could poten­tial­ly be one of the side effects. For exam­ple, patients who are treat­ed for can­cer often face sig­nif­i­cant amounts of hair loss. Talk to your doc­tor about poten­tial side effects of the med­ica­tion you are tak­ing to find out of hair loss is one of them.

4. Hypothyroidism

Along with iron defi­cien­cy, as was already men­tioned, hair loss may be a sign of hypothy­roidism. People with hypothy­roidism often expe­ri­ence hair that is dry, coarse and brit­tle. The hair may break eas­i­ly of fall out while in the show­er or while brush­ing it. Severe hair loss is com­mon in peo­ple with this med­ical con­di­tion. In this case, hair loss will like­ly occur on the scalp but may also occur around the out­side edge of the eye­brows.

5. Dihydrotestosterone

If the body is pro­duc­ing too much dihy­drotestos­terone or DHT, it may very well cause hair loss. DHT is a hor­mone pro­duced by the body that results in the thin­ning of the hair fol­li­cle, caus­ing the hair to fall out eas­i­ly and in large amounts. Talk to your doc­tor about a med­ica­tion that may slow down the body’s pro­duc­tion of DHT as a form of treat­ment for this issue.

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