Then I became a vegan & kale caused my hair to fail.

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Haarausfall durch Grünkohl - Vegane Ernährung ließ meine haare ausfallen

Hair loss due to healthy eating

How I lost my sham­poo adver­tis­ing hair due to stress, a “healthy diet” and my own igno­rance.

Well, I admit the title may be a bit mis­lead­ing, but only by hair’s breadth, and in fact it actu­al­ly some­how applies to those of us with thy­roid under­work. Here are the most impor­tant notes on the com­pi­la­tion of the caus­es that caused my fol­li­cle to fail and have led to flac­cid, flac­cid curls and caused my hair to fail:

1. I had stress

I’ve had a stress­ful job for 20 years (I’ve sold real estate, but replace what con­stant­ly scares you in your life: work, finance, rela­tion­ships, health, CNN, etc. You under­stood the pic­ture).

Chronic stress caus­es the body to pro­duce a steady stream of adren­a­line, which is fan­tas­tic when you have to jump out of the way of a racy skate­board­er or a silent Prius (Toyota elec­tric car) — but a con­stant state of adren­a­line-dri­ven anx­i­ety leads to an excess of cor­ti­sol, which leads to a shut­down of the adren­al glands, result­ing in a slug­gish thy­roid gland, caus­ing the above-men­tioned main con­cern. : our hair!

2. I became a vegan.

Before we judge, let me explain. I stopped eat­ing ani­mals and did not add suit­able fats (or alter­na­tive­ly to appro­pri­ate dietary sup­ple­ments) to my diet. Sure, I ate avo­ca­dos and almonds and hemp oil and all the good things for you-no-ani­mal-die-let-omegas, but I did­n’t eat cashew nuts or macadamia nuts because I thought the high cho­les­terol con­tent was bad for me. It turned out that we need suf­fi­cient amounts of cho­les­terol to sup­port adren­al func­tion. The liv­er pro­duces cho­les­terol for us, but to do so it needs choline. Soy lecithin is the best source of veg­an choline. Who knew? (Obviously not me.)

3.I’ve eaten a whole lot of (raw) kale.

I also ate all the oth­er green super­foods that should keep me alive and youth­ful and radi­ant. But you know what? Some of these super­foods are con­sid­ered goitro­gen, which means they inhib­it iodine pro­duc­tion,which is need­ed to sup­port thy­roid func­tion. (Details here.) Really? Yes. However, some arti­cles sug­gest that cook­ing these sneaky, goitro­genic foods reduces their neg­a­tive side effect.

Hair loss due to vegan diet?
Hair loss due to veg­an diet?

Signs that you may have high cor­ti­sol lev­els:

  • Back pain and you haven’t even lift­ed heav­i­ly.
  • You and the moon are for­ev­er best friends. (Hello, insom­nia and rest­less sleep!)
  • You need naps. And a lot of them. As soon as you wake up. (Chronic fatigue.)
  • Weight gain — espe­cial­ly the dread­ed cen­ter­piece.
  • Sniffing, cough­ing, sneez­ing. Biesters love you because your immune sys­tem fails.
  • Craving for sug­ar: whether cam­ou­flaged in car­bo­hy­drates or in sweet treats.
  • Low/no sex dri­ve. It’s been so long since you’ve had such a desire that you’ve for­got­ten how to do it.
  • Pretty bloat­ed butt! Without shit — lit­er­al­ly. (And oth­er unap­pe­tiz­ing) gas­troin­testi­nal sen­si­tiv­i­ties.
  • Fear and/or para­noia, or fear of para­noia or para­noia of fear — what­ev­er you call it, it’s an up and down!
  • Chicken Lein Syndrome alias the sky col­laps­es, I think I will hide and cry. (Depression.)

Ordinary Goitrogenic cul­prits:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Green mus­tard plant
  • Radishes
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Soy-based foods
  • Peanuts

How can this be fixed?

I am not a doc­tor, natur­opath or health expert in any way, so my first advice is to seek pro­fes­sion­al med­ical help. The body is a com­plex organ­ism, and even if you have all these symp­toms as described above, you could suf­fer from some­thing that is unre­lat­ed to it. You would­n’t be sad about that.

My gen­er­al advice to all:

Learn to relieve the stress. Control your diet.

As far as I’m con­cerned, because I was so unbal­anced (because I was so unbal­anced that I was no longer able to deal with stress and diet and to save my hair, I had to resort to hor­mone and dietary sup­ple­ments, which is a joke because I am an anti-plas­tic and arti­fi­cial oppo­nent and pre­fer to be pro-nat­ur­al and organ­ic.

I was prescribed pork!

I admit that I am a big bacon fan, but I only buy at the local farm­ers mar­ket, which have hap­py pigs. But for all the (still seem­ing­ly?) healthy veg­ans out there who want to avoid eat­ing ani­mals, I rec­om­mend a dou­ble check-up to make sure they have a healthy hor­mone bal­ance. A pinch of pre­cau­tion could pre­vent you from los­ing your hair on your head and suf­fer­ing from hair loss and oth­er dis­eases.

A guest article by Anna Jorgensen

Anna Jorgensen
Anna Jorgensen — Dating, love and rela­tion­ship coach.

About Anna Jorgensen:

As the daugh­ter of a lum­ber­jack, I spent my for­ma­tive years sur­round­ed by jun­gle and hun­gry griz­zly bears in remote for­est camps. The work­ers were most­ly hard-work­ing, kind-heart­ed, unkempt men. There were plen­ty of posters fea­tur­ing, which explains my naughty sense of humour and my under­stand­ing of the way men think. (Note: It’s not just about sex).

In 2010, after sev­er­al “rehearsal” rela­tion­ships (and a hell­ish “I need help” self-study), I rewrote my self and my life and now wear the cape as “Wingmam”. Hurray! My super­pow­er is to offer one-on-one coach­ing and online self-study pro­grams that enter­tain sin­gles and teach them how to under­stand the oppo­site sex, tear them­selves apart, nav­i­gate the mod­ern dat­ing world, and move on to the fun­ny sides of their hap­py end­ing. (I don’t ask any­one to use cheesy lines or invent­ed words, as I do).
Love IS the answer, folks! 😉

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