Useful tips for healthy hair in winter!

A beautiful thick hair is very important for many. Most people have healthy hair, a beautiful head of hair that looks good. This means that the hair is naturally shiny, strong, soft to the touch, easy to comb and has no bald patches.

The Hair LossHair loss, which we all have, has nothing to do with the health of your hair. If your hair loss is severe, more than you are used to and lasts for a long period of time and you are not taking any medication, you should ask your doctor to find out the cause. This way, the cause can be addressed and you don't have to buy all sorts of medications that are only effective for a few people.

Causes hair loss:

Unfortunately, many suffer Womenwho have cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy, suffer from severe hair loss, which can lead to baldness. A beautiful, very natural looking wig is a good solution to this problem.

In women, hormones also affect the hair. There are girls and women who just before, during and/or after menstruation cannot, do not want to have their hair modelled.
Stress can also have a negative impact on the health of your hair.

In addition, a slow-working thyroid, poor diet, intestinal problems, crash dieting, and menopause (due to hormonal changes) all affect the health of your hair.
Hair is best cared for with products that are made from natural ingredients such as Factor Hair.

Advice from the hairdresser

If you find it difficult to judge for yourself whether you have healthy hair, ask your hairdresser. He or she can tell you exactly what type of hair you have, dry, oily, etc., and advise you on what you can do to improve the condition of your hair if necessary. If you are taking medication, this can also affect your hair.

Healthy hair in winter

Just like your skin, your hair also suffers from the winter weather. Cold and dry heating air have a bad effect on the condition of your hair (and skin). Hair can suffer from: Dryness, it can become frizzy and static. You have split ends, hair is dull, breaks quickly and/or you have tangles. Your hair suffers from dryness. This is something you want to tackle and prevent if possible.

Split ends should be cut off.

  • You use the right shampoo, especially for dry hair, a soft shampoo without aggressive ingredients.
  • Against static hair, you can use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a special comb can also help. You can spray the hairbrush with hairspray before use.
  • Good food and drink
  • Wear something on your head against the cold.
  • Do not go out with wet hair, frost easily breaks it.
  • Use lukewarm, not hot, water to wash your hair.
  • Do not wash your hair too often.
  • Use conditioner.
  • Gently massage in the shampoo and conditioner.
  • Do not use a hot hair dryer, or rather, do not use a hair dryer yet.

How healthy is your hair in winter? And how do you care for healthy hair in the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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