What to do against annoying hair loss?

Our hair is something like our business card. If something is wrong with it, we and our fellow men usually notice it immediately. One of the biggest problems: hair loss. Miracle cures from the drugstore or pharmacy promise quick help for those affected. But is this true? We have taken a closer look at some hair myths.

Hello, my name is Capillus and I'm sitting on top of your head.

Because I'm one of your 120,000 head hairs. We all hope to stay with you for about five years and then drop out. But many of us have been at each other's throats before that. This can be because we lack important nutrients. But, what do I need to stay strong?

To grow I need vitamin H, or vitamin "hair" as I like to call it. It's also known as biotin. It's made up mostly of protein. So egg dishes are good for me. Another important nutrient is zinc. That's why I like all seafood, like mussels, shrimps and especially oysters. However, not because of their aphrodisiac effect, but because oysters are the lone leaders in terms of zinc content.

Zinc supplies collagen and this ensures that I can anchor myself well in the scalp. If you don't like seafood, you can also try a muesli made of oatmeal, pumpkin seeds and linseed.

And then of course I want to look beautiful as well. For that I need panthenol, also called vitamin B5. Anything you put on your face that's gonna open up is good for me. Panthenol makes me elastic and shiny and is an optimal protection against environmental influences. However, it is better that you do not apply ointment to my wounds. It is better to eat nuts, for example. But also avocados, yoghurt and fish provide panthenol.

So, to sum up: My ideal menu would be a fried egg with oysters and nuts. You can also eat mushrooms instead. They contain biotin, zinc and panthenol. I can remember eating mushrooms very well.

"But there must be more that can help", many people who are running out of hair will now ask themselves.

With us is Dr. Harriet Rapprich, dermatologist from Darmstadt.

Hello. - Good evening.

Many people I know use shampoos like this. Does it do anything?

If you only want to treat primary hair loss, which is hereditary, such shampoos are not really of much use. Most shampoos here contain caffeine. This is only useful for stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. But the treatment of hereditary hair loss or hair loss with a different reason, it works differently.

This should not be the only therapy. I mean, they're just shampoos to take care of dandruff.

Those two. - Right.

They are followed by occasional hair loss. But this should not be used as the sole therapy for hair loss. This usually only benefits the manufacturer's account. There is also a little asterisk like this. On the back you can read that it only helps with scaly hair.

But what does medication really help against hair loss that I inherited from my father or grandfather?

For hereditary hair loss in men, there is a medication that we have known for many years. This is the so-called finasteride. This can be taken. It actually stops the hair loss. Sometimes it can even improve the actual condition. However, a man has to take the drug permanently. Once you stop taking it, the hair loss will continue.

We have also known for some years that the drug has side effects that need to be taken into account.

Such as?

One describes suicidal thoughts, the intensification of depression. It can lead to erectile dysfunction and also to loss of libido.

Nevertheless, the Men?

Yeah. It's probably worth it to a lot of people. It doesn't happen in every patient either, but these side effects have been reported in greater detail.

And it must be prescribed?

Right. There are also Women hair loss and men who didn't inherit it. There are many different reasons for hair loss.

When does that become a problem anyway?

A hair loss of up to 100 hairs per day is normal. No one should worry about that. Above 150 hairs per day is alarming. Especially if it goes on for several months. Then you should see a dermatologist and have it checked.

What other than my genes can lead to hair loss?

It has to be said that there is not only the male-related, genetically determined, i.e. predisposed hair loss. Women can also suffer from hereditary hair loss. This is the hair loss that does not affect women in the receding hairline area. It happens mainly in the parting area and then spreads over the entire scalp in the frontal area.

So even a woman can go bald?

She's not going bald. It's the most common question women ask, "Will I go bald?" No. It causes a pronounced thinning of the hair. But it never, or very rarely, occurs. It's mostly thinning. That's the good news for women who suffer from it.

In what cases does that help?

We have just seen what can be done nutritionally.

In what cases does that help at all?

There is also the diffuse hair loss. It mostly affects women. There is a loss in the entire head area. It can have many causes. It can be a dietary deficiency, for example a very strict vegan diet. But also a diet rich in meat and fat can cause hair loss. But also deficiency symptoms like zinc or iron deficiency.

Women who have a very heavy menstruation often suffer from iron deficiency. This also leads to hair loss. You have to find out what kind of deficiency you have. Circular hair loss is also a possibility.

What can I do about it?

This is very common. It is described that 1-2 % of people can develop a circular hair loss in the course of life. This concerns men and women and every age group. But this is often spontaneously reversible. This means that the hairs come back. If this is not the case, it can be treated with cortisone ointments, for example, or in pronounced cases with injections. What the football fan knows from Jürgen Klopp is the transplantation of hair. The average person probably cannot afford this. Those who think about it:

Is that what you recommend?

It depends on how the man feels how much he suffers. There are different degrees. You can replenish or reforest a slightly lighter hair growth with something like this. But to transplant a complete bald head is very expensive. And you have to imagine how it looks like in old age. You can replenish that. Mr Klopp, for example, did that.

But how will it look in 20-30 years, when even more have failed?

Then the transplanted hairs will stop. Sometimes it looks grotesque. But you have to know that. And it doesn't pay Cash desk. - The register doesn't carry it. Important information about hair loss.

I think we have cleared up with many myths and advertising promises. Thank you very much for helping us here.

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