What to do about hair loss

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I guess it's everyone's nightmare to wake up one day and find that you've really Hair loses. You are not the only one with this problem, we get many questions every day. Often there is no real cause for concern, but that is not always the case. Sometimes it's time to find out what's going on in the body that's causing the Hair Loss causes. When do you really lose hair and what can you do against Hair Loss do?

When do you really suffer from hair loss?

You can lose 60 to 150 hairs a day without anything happening. Remember that hair loss can sometimes seem worse than it is. If you have long hair, 100 hairs can look like 300. And when you have short haircut you sometimes only realize that you really lose a lot more hair when it has been going on for a while.

What causes hair loss?

If you lose more hair than normal, there are a number of factors that can cause this. Since hair is a non-essential tissue, it is hypersensitive to stress. Stress can even make you bald... But normal life events such as a stomach virus, high fever, crash diets and a stressful job can also cause hair loss (even six to ten weeks later). Sometimes, by the way, it is only a cycle that Women to do. For example, some Women in winter or spring more hair. Even in these cases, there is no reason to panic. If you take good care of yourself (your body), you will notice that your hair loss will decrease and the hair will grow back as usual.

If you want your hair to grow back faster, we recommend Factor Hair Activator.

It is also important to know that it is not very beneficial to visit the hairdresser very often. If you go to the hairdresser frequently for treatments (such as bleaching, permanent hair colouring, blow-drying), the effect may be similar to hair loss. The treatments have no effect on your natural hair growth, but they do damage the hair (the protein structure). This weakens the hair shaft and can lead to hair breakage, which is very similar to hair loss. And yes, this can also cause your hair to look thinner after a while. So be careful

One of the Reasons, why many women have long, healthy hair is that they hardly ever go to the hairdresser and never (but never) brush their hair when it's wet.

What can you do against hair loss?

How we look from the outside tells us a lot about how we feel inside. If you lose more hair than normal (more than two months), it is time to act.

Although everyone is different, the most common causes of hair loss are iron deficiency, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and/or a thyroid problem. It is important to have your blood tested before taking supplements. It is not a good idea to have too much vitamin D or iron in your body, for example. A blood test can help you get your full, healthy hair bundle back.

What are the other most common reasons for hair loss?

Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency can lead to hair breakage, resulting in thinning hair and stress (because you think you are losing hair). In this article I have explained what good vegetable iron sources are. My favorite is lentils. A few tablespoons a day won't do much, make sure they are well represented on your plate (preferably twice a day).

Thyroid gland

A thyroid gland that is not functioning optimally can lead to hair loss. So have your T3 (triiodothyroxine) levels checked and consult an expert to help your thyroid gland.


Hair consists of more than 90 percent protein. So if you do not eat enough protein, your hair may grow less quickly or even fall out. So add extra protein. You need these amino acids to form strong hair cells. Good sources of vegetable protein are lentils, hemp seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, spirulina, beans, nuts and seeds.


Your hair needs minerals to grow. Zinc (together with copper) and silicic acid are very good for hair growth. Here you can read more about nutrition for healthy hair.

Good fats

Greases are essential for hair growth. Good fats nourish the hair cells and make your hair shine. My favorites are nuts and avocados.

Good FATS - Bad FATS

hello sports friends here we are again on a channel ke...

hello sportsfreunde here we are again

on a channel kevin beutler fitness it

is Wednesday again that means again

time for a nutrition video and today

let's go after the fat ones like

varied were to me take exactly what

for types of fat there are very good

fats bad fats yes then still for what

we need the fed at all, and on

Of course, in the end I'll go back to

tackle my top 5 foods

and now enjoy the video



first of all color very basic for what

what are fats and what are they used for

first fats are an energy source

that is, they delivered to our bodies

energy and we are very very important

muscle building just for that because it

degrease for example very very many

also fat-soluble vitamins there are such as

for example the vitamins a d e and k for

example straight and eggs and this

these vitamins we can only get on the

with the simultaneous consumption comes yes

then of course an energy supplier

especially when, for example, no

carbohydrates are there or we've been

have intensive burdens for the

body then the body switches stress

metabolism and burns the

stored fat more precise

or the fat that we're using with the

take food to us then of course

fats are essential for construction

of different body substances under

other also for the construction of hormones for

example testosterone if you are short

can eat fat forms your

body less testosterone and

testosterone as we know is very

very decisive factor grade

muscle building for men as well as for

women therefore also for the women you

should definitely lead to the fed

respect your diet very very important

then there are essential fatty acids

which are therefore essentially

that is to say, vital.

the essential building materials and

fatty acids that the body needs the

not even formed by the body itself

may become

there are certain amino acids for

example of the body also forming itself

can be taken from the diet

these fatty acids just not and the

must be taken in any case with the food

be brought in

we'll have to take the groceries

can also be subdivided again so you can

in any case do not say on the

deficit is written on it okay this is the

now needs for that

I use then we must clearly

differentiate this is the way the

there are bad fats and good fats

the bad weather becomes

example palm fat a lot of contents e.g.

nutella biscuits a possible jakubek

butter, i.e. trans-fatty acids on every

fall ten to the bad fat ones

the same the pallet and yes also in

fried things a lot in there just

in chats and stuff like that yes they are just fat

that the body is not right at all

can or cannot absorb

can also be recycled directly into the

fat depots and the discovered

I'll make the fat ones fat

so that's what we should be looking for.

waive other bad aspects

is natural from these fatty acids

through these fatty acids increase your

cholesterol level higher new

risk of heart attack calcify diack

theories that the blood flow is no longer

so all these

negative characteristics are really

on those bad fat

to be attributed

but now good, good, good

fats why are good fats so

decisively important, so first of all good

fat what these are mainly

unsaturated fatty acids i.e. there are

unsaturated fatty acids multiple

unsaturated fatty acids and that one can rely on

every case always the better fed should

these factors also include omega 3

fatty acids and the zero fatty acids such as

in yours, for example, or I

I'm not going to have the

individual food products because the

I'm gonna end up here at the end of the day.

a top 5 food to and there

there's definitely something for everyone

yeah what are these good fat ones for like

I already told you, this is definitely

case decisive for the construction

processes in the body

because that's the prelude to building a house.

and the problems now are, so to speak.

the stones form the fat, so to speak

the mortar that makes the house perfect

occur but everything holds and also everything

works yes then of course

I had been at the approach to

already mentioned at the beginning essential

fatty acid and this includes this

good fatty acids, which is what the

body definitely yes then the further

you were still privately positive

properties of these good fats and they

promote even opposition to the others

calcify the arteries promote them

even the foot process of your blood the

means they have much, much better

nutrient transport in your body and

in that this transport simply

improved is yes the body also builds

fast muscle this also corresponds to

because the nutrients to the muscle are transported faster

succeeded and now it too is circulating

system is there right now at mega drive

educator extremely good for the

heart circle around the animal reasonable

works reasonably works precisely

naturally supports the cell structure

so all these positive characteristics

I'm gonna give the good fat

attributable to

and therefore it is very important that

we take them to us yes come again

to subdivide the customers fats therefore

I've already mentioned it briefly

unsaturated fatty acids multiple

unsaturated fatty acids for example

become monounsaturated fatty acids

then for example so hinwil for example

super to fry or also coconut oil the

is of course on the young

foodstuff just so olive oil or

coconut oil to fry your meat

or eggs or whatever vegetables there

really on these two foods

you have super unsaturated fat

and inside also polyunsaturated

fatty acids are still contained but

also holes which exactly now the multiple

unsaturated fatty acids

this includes the omega-3 fatty acids

the for example very decisive

greasy fries are such as

the salmon the eel the mackerel

For example, there are three fish.

then in lonely in must everything anyway

so many before the whole

food but it depends on what for

again these are important these

food, so in any case against

they are able

the arteriosclerosis then they will

of course also an inflammation shirt if

any yes inflammation in your body

or therefore the ports body also

that this inflammation is combated

and yes protect as I said protect

system would also need stronger what

da abgehen illnesses concerns just

now in the cold season also completely

important that you do not

neglected then support them

of course the muscle building crane the in

religious and that one also in a

small events are for example

have even therefore also fat in

the diet these vouchers also have

burning fat the effect so that

just when all this stubborn driving

at the end of the diet if you are under-fat

the body burns this group can

because of not getting a hold of the

means it won't be decisive

that you're going to be fat

that the body burns other fats


for someone who is not familiar with it.

the first thing that occupied itself was respect

that I have to eat to get fat.

lose, that's the way it is.

you must lead this fat one to lead that

your body the fat burning yes

resumes and accelerates

exactly for the muscle build-up naturally

also very decisively the aspects or

I've been on it since the beginning too.

entrance so nice and well now I have

explains to you why vettel is so important


but how much fat should I be

I'm going to take it now with the one before that.

that I had told you about...

infinitely many fans demand and yes then

just fed so a gram of fat has 9.3

calories and a gram of protein and

carbohydrates are even half of what they are

4,1 the turn or a little bit more on

in any case half of the fat and yes

accordingly has a very high

calorie density since just naturally in the

structure for people who are hard to take

can be great but as I said for others

does not have to be

so I recommend in the construction at least

one gram per kilogram body weight

that means an athlete who weighs 100 kilos

you'd have to eat 100 grams of fat a day


accordingly I even recommend a

a little bit more so I'm also a

a little more I was actually

at least 15 are in the process of being set up

accordingly, if I'm going to lose 100 kilos

up to 150 grams of fat really tries

from the customers fatty acids cover everything

just when I'm supposed to be

saturated fatty acid fires from the

or there's something to that

of course not that way again

predominantly one should use it for the on

these good fats set right in the

diet you have to eat calories of course

and wants to save calories deficit

and therefore still have the ability to

you shouldn't keep the fathers away but

even in the diet I would still 0.5

grams per kilogram body weight

fat use accordingly 180 kilo
heavy athlete still still 40

grams of fat in it

these are so my recommendation the four

man should consume fat and

then we'll get to my

top 5 food products

...so first of all...

I have now selected the ones from

free-range organic livestock

of course even better

really makes sure that he's there

tries really possible best

of course from the farmer directly you know

yes the high ones directly that one from the

well out of the broadcast this is

of course a real one so you

first taste the difference bavaria

and just when you're about to

has a high quality range I am also the

that the yolk contains more of

which contain vitamins just like

it had referred to the application the

vitamins a d e and k these fat-soluble

vitamins all eggs contain therefore

should be no matter whether you are on a diet or not

be sure to attend

in the nutrition quite decisively so

second food supply i have for

You're also frozen, of course.

Cause I have moments of my life no salmon

eat the salmon there is also

different species wild salmon normal

does it fit or was it the normal way

i the salmon that was a bit

more expensive but only the one who receives the

omega-3 fatty acids we need

very very high quality source now in

the diet of course has a bit

had a little bit of a thing about it.

afterwards no more because of this supplement

If I'm wrong, 3 fatty acids can be

of course do the same thing even if you

cannot afford to build up any

day salmon eating as said but still

these omega 3 fatty acids are extremely

important and salmon is especially tasty yes

also great so I could really

eat every day i may become super

a little knobloch or after but

as already mentioned recipes are still to come

We'll get to the next source I have.

I chose for you I did

schoolyard addressed for example

coconut oil or olive oil for frying

coconut oil plus both city fatty acids and

the olive oil natural super

unsaturated fatty acids

depending on when which court

cook like you can taste like you can

of course select as desired

yeah, so anyway, all those

other oils you can actually find in the

in principle already master sits on

corrosion el olive oil

that was really quite decisive a

other oil where you speak the

linseed oil which contains a lot of unsaturated

fatty acids and also has these alpha

linolenic acid which really has the effect

so I'm going to make sure that, for example.

in the evening now once again asked yourself

I'm gonna be in there five to six months.

ten grams in with a left to it


for you guys probably under

we're on my own now but

as I said, linseed oil also gives

slightly nutty taste with straight

when you're sort of hazelnut

or something in a tuxedo makes it

of course super combination makes the

taste even more intense so there

by all means put on suffering the

should also not be included in any declaration

actually missing this is already

have made quark as fast as

said so as a last source I have

then still for you the list selected

I now have the paramus nuclei here

of title entry for me there is

can also solve completely different problems

of course you also want to mix the loose

I have the Brazil nuts.

selected because the simple low

carbohydrate content and I now

into carbohydrates and once in a while


just before training zb I recommend

yes always times 50 75 gram nuts each

after which colour fits by the way also

a super point can now I have

explain why this is so but will and will

One time during the hour of training

eat a handful of nuts and stuff and yes you can

feel free to write her in the comments

the same was of it so good audience has

try exposed, but admit it.

say of course we also need a

a few of the normal fatty acids as for

for example, are contained in the meat when

we're in there getting the steak now and stuff.

rump steak sure is a bit fat

but there you should be able to see

hopefully not drive you crazy and

that's kind of wobbling around there now.

meat from the pool all by yourself

Eat the meat quietly we must now.

of course not every day the finished

cattle has food there is also in

the reduced version for example

because those are also these teeth through

acids in beef in lamb

accordingly also there with the meat

it doesn't matter if a little fat

which is exactly what will be my top 5

food meat then I hope that

the video you liked from it

and could draw your conclusions

so that I could get back on top

a small piece more remains the video

granted you will please you

if you were still

any questions you have always liked to ask in

the comments

I'd be happy to catapult mine so you can

soon videos not missed for

nutrition free goes on I already have

announced adds another video to

fibre now raw materials again

vitamins almost since everything is still so

but the micronutrients

some of them are very important

history yes otherwise sports friends

Have a nice day.

it is a lot of fun during the training

or see us at the next video does


If your digestion is not working properly, you will not be able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals needed for new healthy hair and hair growth. Poor digestion means that you are making things difficult for your body (and hair) due to a lack of vitamins and minerals that cannot be absorbed from food. Eat a lot of fibre (from fruits and vegetables), drink enough water, keep your intestines clean and get enough exercise.


When you're working with a lot of Stress (too much and too often), this can lead to a whole range of health problems. Stress is often the cause of hair loss. Try to find something that can reduce stress during daily activities such as meditation, prayer, sports, cooking, reading or a walk in nature.

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