table of contents

  1. sco­pe
  2. con­clu­sion of con­tract
  3. right of with­dra­wal
  4. Prices and terms of pay­ment
  5. Delivery and ship­ping con­di­tions
  6. Contract dura­tion and con­tract ter­mi­na­tion for subs­crip­tion con­tracts
  7. reten­tion of title
  8. Liability for defects (warranty)
  9. Applicable law
  10. Alternative dis­pu­te reso­lu­tion

1) Scope of appli­ca­tion 1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (herei­naf­ter refe­rred to as “GTC”) of Auda Invest GmbH & Co. KG, tra­ding under “Factor Hair” (herei­naf­ter “Seller”), shall apply to all con­tracts for the deli­very of goods which a con­su­mer or entre­pre­neur (herei­naf­ter “Customer”) con­clu­des with the Seller with regard to the goods pre­sen­ted by the Seller in his onli­ne shop. The inclu­sion of the cus­to­me­r’s own con­di­tions is hereby objec­ted to, unless other­wi­se agreed. 1.2 A con­su­mer within the mea­ning of the­se General Terms and Conditions is any natu­ral per­son who con­clu­des a legal transac­tion for pur­po­ses which can pre­do­mi­nantly neither be attri­bu­ted to his com­mer­cial nor his self-emplo­yed pro­fes­sio­nal acti­vity. Entrepreneur in the sen­se of the­se GTC is a natu­ral or legal per­son or a part­nership with legal capa­city, which acts in the exer­ci­se of its com­mer­cial or inde­pen­dent pro­fes­sio­nal acti­vity when con­clu­ding a legal transac­tion. 1.3 Depending on the selle­r’s pro­duct des­crip­tion, the object of the con­tract may be both the pur­cha­se of goods by way of a one-off deli­very and the pur­cha­se of goods by way of a per­ma­nent deli­very (herei­naf­ter refe­rred to as “subs­crip­tion con­tract”). In a subs­crip­tion agree­ment, the Seller under­ta­kes to supply the Customer with the con­trac­tually owed goods for the dura­tion of the agreed con­trac­tual term in the con­trac­tually owed time inter­vals.

2) Conclusion of con­tract 2.1 The pro­duct des­crip­tions con­tai­ned in the selle­r’s onli­ne shop do not repre­sent bin­ding offers on the part of the seller, but ser­ve to sub­mit a bin­ding offer by the cus­to­mer. 2.2 The cus­to­mer can sub­mit the offer via the onli­ne order form inte­gra­ted into the selle­r’s onli­ne shop. After pla­cing the selec­ted goods in the vir­tual shop­ping bas­ket and com­ple­ting the elec­tro­nic orde­ring pro­cess, the cus­to­mer sub­mits a legally bin­ding con­trac­tual offer with regard to the goods con­tai­ned in the shop­ping bas­ket by clic­king the but­ton com­ple­ting the orde­ring pro­cess. 2.3 The Seller may accept the Customer’s offer within five days,

3) Right of revo­ca­tion 3.1 In prin­ci­ple, con­su­mers are entitled to a right of with­dra­wal. 3.2 Further infor­ma­tion on the right of revo­ca­tion can be found in the selle­r’s revo­ca­tion ins­truc­tions. 3.3 The right of revo­ca­tion does not apply to con­su­mers who do not belong to a mem­ber sta­te of the European Union at the time the con­tract is con­clu­ded and who­se sole pla­ce of resi­den­ce and deli­very address are outsi­de the European Union at the time the con­tract is con­clu­ded.

4) Prices and terms of pay­ment 4.1 Unless other­wi­se sta­ted in the Seller’s pro­duct des­crip­tion, the pri­ces quo­ted are total pri­ces which inclu­de the sta­tu­tory value added tax. Any addi­tio­nal deli­very and ship­ping costs will be sta­ted sepa­ra­tely in the res­pec­ti­ve pro­duct des­crip­tion. 4.2 For deli­ve­ries to coun­tries outsi­de the European Union, addi­tio­nal costs may be incu­rred in indi­vi­dual cases for which the seller is not res­pon­si­ble and which are to be bor­ne by the cus­to­mer. These inclu­de, for exam­ple, costs for the trans­fer of money by cre­dit ins­ti­tu­tions (e.g. trans­fer fees, exchan­ge rate fees) or import duties or taxes (e.g. cus­toms duties). Such costs may also be incu­rred in rela­tion to the trans­fer of funds if the deli­very is not made to a country outsi­de the European Union but the cus­to­mer makes the pay­ment from a country outsi­de the European Union. 4.3 The pay­ment option(s) will be com­mu­ni­ca­ted to the cus­to­mer in the selle­r’s onli­ne shop. 4.4 If pre­pay­ment by bank trans­fer has been agreed, pay­ment is due imme­dia­tely after con­clu­sion of the con­tract, unless the par­ties have agreed on a later due date. 4.5 If pay­ment is made by means of a pay­ment method offe­red by PayPal, the pay­ment shall be pro­ces­sed by the pay­ment ser­vi­ce pro­vi­der PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22–24 Boulevard Royal, L‑2449 Luxembourg (herei­naf­ter refe­rred to as “PayPal”), in accor­dan­ce with the PayPal Terms of Use, avai­la­ble at or — if the cus­to­mer does not have a PayPal account — in accor­dan­ce with the Terms of Payment without a PayPal account, avai­la­ble at 4.6 If the cre­dit card pay­ment method is selec­ted via Stripe, the invoi­ce amount is due imme­dia­tely upon con­clu­sion of the con­tract. Payment shall be pro­ces­sed by the pay­ment ser­vi­ce pro­vi­der Stripe Payments Europe Ltd., 1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Ireland (herei­naf­ter refe­rred to as “Stripe”). Stripe reser­ves the right to carry out a cre­dit check and to refu­se this method of pay­ment in the event of a nega­ti­ve cre­dit check.

5) Delivery and ship­ping con­di­tions 5.1 Unless other­wi­se agreed, goods shall be deli­ve­red by ship­ment to the deli­very address spe­ci­fied by the cus­to­mer. The deli­very address sta­ted in the Seller’s order pro­ces­sing is deci­si­ve for the transac­tion. 5.2 If the trans­port com­pany returns the ship­ped goods to the seller becau­se deli­very to the cus­to­mer was not pos­si­ble, the cus­to­mer shall bear the costs for the unsuc­cess­ful ship­ment. This does not apply if the cus­to­mer is not res­pon­si­ble for the cir­cums­tan­ce that led to the impos­si­bi­lity of deli­very or if he was tem­po­ra­rily pre­ven­ted from accep­ting the ser­vi­ce offe­red, unless the seller had given him a reaso­na­ble noti­ce of the ser­vi­ce in advan­ce. Furthermore, this does not apply with regard to the costs for the ship­ment if the cus­to­mer exer­ci­ses his right of revo­ca­tion effec­ti­vely. In the event that the cus­to­mer exer­ci­ses the right of revo­ca­tion effec­ti­vely, the pro­vi­sion of the selle­r’s revo­ca­tion policy shall apply to the return costs. 5.3 Self-collec­tion is not pos­si­ble for logis­ti­cal reasons.

6) Duration and ter­mi­na­tion of subs­crip­tion con­tracts 6.1 Subscription con­tracts are con­clu­ded for a limi­ted period of time, for the con­tract term indi­ca­ted in the res­pec­ti­ve pro­duct des­crip­tion in the selle­r’s onli­ne shop and end auto­ma­ti­cally after expiry of the con­tract term. 6.2 The right to extra­or­di­nary ter­mi­na­tion for good cau­se remains unaf­fec­ted. An impor­tant reason exists if the ter­mi­na­ting party can­not reaso­nably be expec­ted to con­ti­nue the con­trac­tual rela­tionship until the agreed ter­mi­na­tion or until the expiry of a period of noti­ce, taking into account all cir­cums­tan­ces of the indi­vi­dual case and weighing the inter­ests of both par­ties. 6.3 Notices of ter­mi­na­tion shall be given in wri­ting or in text form (e.g. by e‑mail).

7) Retention of title If the seller makes an advan­ce pay­ment, he shall retain title to the deli­ve­red goods until the pur­cha­se pri­ce owed has been paid in full.

8) Liability for defects (warranty) 8.1 If the pur­cha­sed item is defec­ti­ve, the pro­vi­sions of sta­tu­tory lia­bi­lity for defects shall apply. 8.2 The cus­to­mer is reques­ted to com­plain to the deli­ve­rer about deli­ve­red goods with obvious trans­port dama­ge and to inform the seller of this. If the cus­to­mer does not comply with this, this has no effect on his sta­tu­tory or con­trac­tual warranty claims.

9) Applicable law 9.1 All legal rela­tionships bet­ween the par­ties shall be gover­ned by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclu­sion of the laws gover­ning the inter­na­tio­nal sale of mova­ble goods. In the case of con­su­mers, this choi­ce of law shall only apply inso­far as the pro­tec­tion gran­ted is not with­drawn by man­da­tory pro­vi­sions of the law of the country in which the con­su­mer has his habi­tual resi­den­ce. 9.2 Furthermore, this choi­ce of law does not apply to con­su­mers who do not belong to a mem­ber sta­te of the European Union at the time the con­tract is con­clu­ded and who­se sole pla­ce of resi­den­ce and deli­very address are outsi­de the European Union at the time the con­tract is con­clu­ded.

10) Alternative dis­pu­te reso­lu­tion 10.1 The EU Commission pro­vi­des a plat­form for onli­ne dis­pu­te reso­lu­tion on the Internet at the follo­wing link: This plat­form ser­ves as a con­tact point for out-of-court settle­ment of dis­pu­tes ari­sing from onli­ne sales or ser­vi­ce con­tracts in which a con­su­mer is invol­ved. 10.2 The seller is neither obli­ged nor willing to par­ti­ci­pa­te in a dis­pu­te reso­lu­tion pro­ce­du­re befo­re a con­su­mer arbi­tra­tion board.